Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Exciting News

A funny little happened while on my "blog hiatus"..
Two months ago I started getting pretty bored with the space of mine. It was repetitive, the content was lacking and I was confused on where the direction of my blog was going. I was posting decent weekend updates and participating in the occasional link up but it was becoming boring for me.

Whether we like it or not we are divided into blog social groups and I was on the outside looking in. I was two years into my marriage and no longer could relate to the newly engaged/newly married bloggers. I was living at home with my parents to save some money to buy a house - which was a huge blessing but again no content to blog about. My DIY skills were lacking because I did not have the space or life reasons to have a million projects. I was not pregnant and did not have a kid - so there goes the mommy blogger social circle. I was stuck and wondered "what the heck am I doing".. I was vicariously living through my blog friends and their fun events going on in their lives.

So now is where the present day comes into play. There are some big life happenings going on in my life and I am so excited to announce...

I am filled with so much excitement sharing this news to you all!

And while we are on the topic of great, exciting news..

We also bought a HOUSE! After many ups and downs searching for "the one" we finally found one that is so great for us. It will definitely keep us busy with many projects but we feel that it is great for us to raise a family in and the location is just wonderful.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment with all that is going on in my life but I really have no complaints. The excitement and joy all of our family and friends are feeling with us makes it all worth it.

So here is to the next step in my life, the next step for my blog and fun for all of the adventures to come!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Back!

Miss me ladies?
I am back from my unintentional "summer break" from this blog of mine.
What happened? Where did you go?
Honestly, I played hard this summer...
Vacationed, lounged, drank, stayed up too late...
Weddings, BBQs, boating, hiking, tanning, camping, swimming, water parks...
Simply perfect!
The only complaint I have is where did the time go and how is it already September?!
As the season changes and we welcome in Fall I hope you'll stick around these parts and keep up with life happenings on Somethin' Bout a Truck.
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For now, two fun pictures from a wedding and a hike we went to this past weekend..