Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up!

This past weekend was a weekend of celebration! From Thursday until today we have been in party mode - celebrating my husband turning 29 years old! We both took today off from work and enjoyed the most beautiful day - sun and clear blue skies! 

Happy Birthday to you, my loving, amazing, hilarious J boy! You rock my world and make life more fun just by being in it and being you. May the year to come be a fabulous one - full of good health, happy memories and laughter! I love you!

Linking up with Helene for Travel Tuesday's! 
Helene in Between

Cannon Beach Oregon is one of my favorite places to visit! Growing up my family went there every single summer for long beach weekends away. We started out by staying in a hotel and then as my brother and I got older we started camping down by the ocean. 

When John and I started dating I took him to this special place. We had the best time and could not wait to come back. When we returned the following summer John proposed and  we celebrated our weekend as an engaged couple! 

On the drive to Manzanita (right outside of Cannon Beach) you drive through these cliffs and when you approach this lookout point you know you are close. To this day seeing this view makes me smile - it reminds me of so many car rides to the beach, where life is easier and happier. Once we saw this sight we knew we were close and were about to unload our car and start our vacation!

Cannon Beach not only has a special in my place in my heart for the memories my family had here - but now as the place I was engaged at! So much happy surrounds this place and I am thankful for the memories that have been created there. 

I am also linking up with Tiffany and Lauren today for Tuesday Topics - 8 favorite posts
(which I am just sharing a few of today)
The Austin Family Diary

Looking back on some of my posts my favorites are:

One Year Anniversary - pretty self explanatory!

A Little About Me - I was a newbie to the blog world and shared a little about myself!

And then one of my favorite posts by Mama Laughlin is Dear Big Girl, which was so inspiring and motivating! She has some of the most encouraging posts!


Tomorrow I start the Advocare 20 Day Challenge! Wish we luck!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Spring

Spring has indeed shown Washington an interesting but typical hello. Today it rained SO hard, was sunny, rained and now we are ending the day with some more sun and lots and lots of wind! 

I love this state. Summer is right around the corner and the Pacific Northwest is beautiful in the summer - it makes our 9 months of rain and yuck worth it.

I have had no time for my little space in blog land these days - nor has life been that exciting. 

Engagements.. Weddings.. Pregnancy.. Babies.. Houses.. that is what seems to be a frequent trend these days and I have signed, sealed and delivered on the first two of the "life list" listed above and the rest remain at a standstill which is fine with me. I am content, happy and love where my life is at the current moment. Summer is right around the corner and I have SO many fun things on my 2013 summer to do list - I am going to live up every moment and make this such a memorable summer before I officially have to grow up and have a house payment and all that big girl responsibility that is on the horizon. Life indeed has its ways and I will take life as it is right now and just be happy!

I have missed out on a good two weeks of some of my favorite link-ups and I feel bad. Tiffany and Lauren, sorry I have been slacking on Tuesday Topics, and Erin and Alex, I promise I will check back in next week for Weigh-In Wednesday. Time off from blogging is like being out of touch with some of my girlfriends. You all have been missed. 

I think I almost fully understand the whole change on blogger BUT can someone just answer one more question for me that I still have some confusion on? Blogging is all about the content, the readers and the lovely followers. When everything changes over do we still follow people on blogger or will that be all gone? Obviously, I switched everything over to bloglovin' but am I supposed to "promote" following my page through my google blogger part OR bloglovin'? Does that make any sense at all? I think I am confusing myself more then I need to do. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Confusion

First things first. Like everyone else I am posting my "follow me" on bloglovin' button! 

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Bloglovin' questions:

 Am I able to tell how many followers I have? 

Or when someone follows me through bloglovin' will I see that on my actual blog?

Will I still be posting from blogger?

This girl over here does not like change.

Any who, I have completely neglected this space this past week. Writers block? No news is good news? Nothing to say? Cat got your tongue? Well, whatever it is has put me in a blogger funk! 

Tomorrow is Friday. I am happy.

Be back later!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Talk

Today, I am linking up with Helene for her new Travel Tuesdays link up!

Helene in Between

I live for vacations.

The memories, special time together, laughs, food, sights, smells and beauty of a new place make life worth it and make saving for any vacation well worth it in my eyes!

I grew up in a family that loved to travel - whether it be in our own state or a flight across the country, my parents always had plans in the works. I feel like I was spoiled in that sense and cannot thank them enough for working as hard as they did to make sure my brother and I had the special memories that were created together by travel.

Luckily, my husband also loves to vacation. We love preparing and saving for our travels and I am blessed that we do indeed vacation perfectly together. I really do feel that you learn so much about a person after you have traveled with them and I consider myself lucky.
Obviously, my honeymoon was absolutely amazing! We went to Playa Del Carmen, which was a part of Mexico we both had never travelled to.  It was truly paradise.
We spent so much time relaxing, eating, drinking and sightseeing - it was the perfect vacation and I cannot wait to go back someday!


I am also linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for the last round of their Tuesday Topics series!
This weeks topic : 1 Guilty Pleasure - this was an easy one for me - Reality TV. I love reality TV waaay tooooo much and find myself wasting countless hours of my life while watching anything and everything Housewives, The Bachelor and Keeping Up With The Kardashians!
The Austin Family Diary

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

March? I can't believe it! 

I had a great, relaxing, wonderful weekend! We did not have much going on this which was so nice! I enjoyed some lounging around time catching up on TV shows as well as some great work outs and walks outside. This girl can't complain a bit!

I love seeing all of the flowers popping up everywhere! It truly means Spring is right around the corner! 

Since Spring is getting close - I need to take full advantage of Crock Pot dinners! 
Crock pot = best invention ever! 

Woke up on Sunday to a BEAUTIFUL day - so much sun and even got to wear my sunglasses. People, that does not happen very much in good 'ol Washington. Just last night we had one of our normal huge rainstorms.. I definitely was not expecting to wake up to a day like this. 

My newest lunchtime must - Cafe Bowl's from Safeway.  I know, I know - it is still the lazy way out when it comes to meal preparation, but it sure beats the alternative of mine which is a frozen meal full of preservatives.  These salads are great and have everything in perfect portions! 

Happy Monday friends!