Friday, October 26, 2012

Timberlake Friday

Today is Friday. Not just any Friday but the Friday that I have been waiting for all of my life all week.  Today my friends, is the day People Magazine comes out with the wedding albums of all wedding albums - the wedding album of Mr. and Mrs. Justin Timberlake.
I liked her pink dress. I guess she looked pretty. She looked stunning.
Now for some Dear Friday's - Halloween style:
Dear Costume Parties, I am really hoping our costumes work out and look as cute as I was imagining them to be. I feel like they are to thrown together and may look really silly but oh well 'tis Halloween and silly is okay. When did we grow up and silly costumes became the normal and skanky became.. well skanky??
Dear College Halloween Memories, Remember that one year when I was underage, drunk and a nurse for Halloween??? And the cops showed up and I thought they were just in really good costumes??? Yes, I was that girl.
Dear Halloween Candy, Why did I have to start a diet in October??? Candy everywhere.
Dear Pumpkins, We spent a lot of time carving you, I really hope no one smashes you. I hate when I see smashed pumpkins during this season. How rude some people are...
Dear Papa Murphy's, Our yearly tradition is approaching - pumpkin shaped pizza!!!! Please make sure our pumpkin pizza actually looks like a pumpkin this year. No half assing your job please, pumpkin shaped pizza is a big deal in the E household.
Dear KC, Sweet puppy - pleassssse just wear your Halloween costume just for a few pictures. You do look adorable as a pumpkin but get so bashful. Rock what you got puppy boy.
Dear Husband, I am hoping I can get out of watching a scary movie this year but I know you will continue to ask me what scary movie I want to watch for the next week. I know you love Halloween and the "scare" factor but I just love me some romantic love movies.
Happy Friday - I know a lot of people will be out celebrating this weekend, so be safe!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Went Running

Yesterday, I went for a run.
People this is a big deal. BIG DEAL.
My running history consists of the Friday run I had to do when I was a sophomore in high school - that was the last time I went running. I was a swimmer for 13 years in which I used my legs to kick and splash the water NOT run on.
This is how yesterday went:
All day I knew it was "run day".. and I was nervous because this girl over here does not run. I left work a little bit early to buy a brand new pink sports bra so I could hold the girls in place while I ran (HA, still sounds so funny to use the word run in my exercise vocabulary).. I got home, changed and then waited in silence until John got home. It was starting to get dark and looked like it could start raining any minute.. yes, I was thinking of every excuse possible.
John and I walked to the track from our house and we decided that I would start off by running the curves of the track and then walk the straightaway - I would be doing 4 laps around the track making it 8 curves total of  "running"..
You guys, I looked ridiculous. I was slow, felt ugly, was embarrassed and wanted to quit.  My goal was small and it was hard. On lap number two I had tears dripping down my face because I had my husband running next to me, supporting me and all I felt was embarrassment and shame for being so out of shape. He motivated me, told me to keep going and loved me and I did just that. The words of the famous Mama Laughlin (one of my most favorite bloggers) kept popping in my head throughout this whole run.. she talks about taking baby steps and how when she started running to loose weight everything hurt and she started slow - I knew I was not alone.
Today I am sore - but that makes me so happy. When I ache today I smile at the thought of the baby steps I took yesterday, the leap I am taking with my weight loss and the thought of the future me so fit, healthy and happy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

13.2 Lost

Hey pretty people! I have some wonderful news (no I am not pregnant).. I lost 13.2 pounds!

I know I have posted about my weight issues, goals and some information about starting Weight Watchers - but things changed a bit. At the end of September I found out my gym was hosting a Biggest Loser competition that was going to be a "holiday sprint" and I thought this would be a good plan for me. I love a good competition and along with the loosing weight incentive - there is a $500.00 cash prize to the person that looses the most weight!

The competition began on October 8th and finishes on December 10th.  I will weigh in ever two weeks and last night was my first weigh in.  I was pretty excited because I had made a lot of adjustments to my diet (a lot of portion control and counting calories) that I knew I had to have lost a good 5-10 pounds. Although the minute I got there and my competitors got up to weigh I immediately became insecure that maybe my 7 out of 14 days of perfect eating were not good enough.

Well they were! This girl over here is 13.2 pounds lighter and I could not be happier. Seeing that number on the scale go down as much as it did in just a matter of two weeks was just the motivation I needed to get through the next two weeks! John came with me for support (he has been super husband though all of this) and seeing the smile on his face also made it worth it and that much more motivating for me too. I know he loves me with all of his heart - but it is unfair for him to have to deal with insecure me all of the time and ultimately have an overweight wife.

I was the highest loser (ha) and then my competition arrived.  Some girl weighed in at 13.6 -beeotch.  THE COMPETITION IS ON. The trainer in John came out and he whispered to me immediately "we need to beat her".. so not only is my diet my thing - it is now my husbands mission too. I tried to give her the stink eye, attitude and silent treatment the rest of the night (mature right?).. but she just had to tell me "good job" as well were leaving the gym. UGHH she just HAD to be nice!

Although these women may be my "competition" - I still am so excited for all of us to step up and take this challenge on.  Weight issues suck. Being overweight sucks. Right now I have all of the tools, motivation and love surrounding me and I can't wait to take on the next two weeks. 

Tomorrow I will be going for my first run.. since maybe my sophomore year of high school. It will be challenging, I will start off slow, but I will feel so amazing after I do it. Baby steps...

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Love Fall

I love Fall.
I love pumpkins.
I love October.
I love the guilt free feeling of staying in bed all morning, cuddled in a blanket and watching TV because it is rainy and windy outside.
I love how my candle collection cheerfully appears every October and a certain smell can trigger a warm memory.
I love scarves.
I love Starbucks.
I love that I have a October birthday.
I love Halloween candy costumes.
I love boots, baggy sweaters and skinny jeans.
I love pumpkin seeds.
I love pulling out my flannel sheets and making my bed that much cozier.
I love Northface jackets.
I love Ugg slippers.
I love apples.
I love colorful trees.
I love warm soup.
I love Fall.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grab My Button

I have been slacking in the land of blog lately and I finally had some time this weekend to catch up and START some design work on my blog. Trust me I know I have a long way to go but free time has not been in my favor these days. However, Somethin' Bout a Truck now has a button!! Come on by and grab it for your page - and check back for new updates on my page in the near future!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Justin and Jessica, Could it be true? Is there a potential possibility of a wedding happening this weekend? I never got my invite...  it must have gotten lost in the mail again (that seems to happen to me with all the celebrity weddings).. However, I cannot wait to stalk the crap out of your wedding pictures and see how delicious Justin looked. 
Remember the happy times Justin baby? Yeah, me too.
Dear Tom Hanks, Your "F" bomb slip up this morning on GMA made me giggle this morning. 

Dear Lisa Vanderpump, I cannot believe you allowed Honey Boo Boo in to your upscale Beverly Hills restaurant. I am appalled (and slightly entertained by this).. I hope the "sketti" was delish!

Dear Emily and Jef, I am sorry to hear about your break up - however I knew it would not last. Emily you should have picked Shawn.  Your just jealous there will be 25 girls competing for his love.
Dear Khloe and Lamar, Yesterday on Facebook you said you had announcement (yes I follow you Khloe).. I was hoping it was a pregnancy announcement but was bummed to find out it was just your new fragrance - but honestly how cute "Khloe, you are my joy"..  I do love you two together so keep at it!
And last but not least, Dear Friday, I love you. My weeks continue to feel long, busy and never have enough time. Give me the peace this weekend to lay low, lounge and enjoy the rainy fall weather.
**All photgraphs used above were from**

Monday, October 15, 2012

One Picture

Loved this link up - love these girls! Thank you Tiffany (and CONGRATULATIONS!!) and Lauren for all the fun! xoxo

Weekend Update

This past week Seattle saw rain for the first time in 82 days. Holy heck - to the people that are not from around here, that is simply a miracle! To us Washingtonians - rain is in our blood. Umbrellas? What are those?
J and I honored the first rainy weekend in months by staying in quite a bit watching movies and lounging around! We had some friends over for some pumpkin carving, pizza and some delicious seasonal pumpkin, carmel apple and spiced beers!
We had a special family dinner on Sunday night in honor of my father in law - who passed away two years ago in a hard battle with cancer.  It was a nice night filled with laughter, family and memories.

We sent messages to Heaven
And let another week begin.. Here is to me following through with some my small goals for the week and taking some time for ME! Sounds selfish, I know - but some events in my life have recently proven the need to show love, support and motivation for myseld. More to come on that later. Hugs!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Day Challenge

Yay for Tuesday! I swear this link up is the only highlight of my Tuesday - because honestly Tuesday is the worst day of the week. However, this is my Birthday week and I am fully taking advantage of a month long os celebrations because thats how this Libra does birthday business around here :)

Anywho, the topic of movies was easy for me! Did not even to think hard for my top three favorites! Titanic, Father of the Bride and Grease!