Love Story

I love married life so much and am so blessed with the life John and I have together and I constantly cherish the friendship, laughter and companionship we have developed. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait for all of the fun years ahead.

I know every girl says this - but my wedding day was the perfect day. I woke up one year ago with butterflies, not the nervous kind but the happy "this is right" kind of butterflies.  The day called for rain but I knew things would stick to plan and I would have an outdoor wedding (our venue had an indoor  area "just in case"). I woke up early that morning at my parents house and went to the computer where my Dad was already sitting at - looking at the hour by hour forecast. 

Every part of the day had special moments. I remember taking in every single detail and feeling. John and I had so much fun with our photographer and she captured every detail we desired for this day.

I was so proud of how all of the little things turned out. As a bride you spend so much time and energy with the vision of the day and mine is exactly what I wanted and so much more.

My Bridal Party was AMAZING! It was a true blessing having our closest friends be apart of our special day. 

And our Families were so supportive, loving and proud!

Our Ceremony was so special. I was the most calm bride and I loved being surrounded by all of my family and friends that were all gathered to celebrate something so right.

We spent the rest of the evening dancing, toasting and celebrating the night away!!


  1. I love your pictures... and your dress!!! I am glad your wedding day was perfect, mine was too and I think every woman deserves that! :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures and I love the candy bar. I would have not left that area had I been at your wedding. :)

  3. Looooove your pictures!

  4. I love your wedding dress! Beautiful pics!!!