Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Not Me?

I am still in the running sucks mentality.
Yet, I am craving the activity.
I signed up for my first 5k in May. WTF?!
I think I have shin splints. They hurt like hell. My feet hurt too. Basically everything hurts right now.
So it made sense for me to get up this morning and head to the gym before work right?
While at the gym I was hurting pretty bad. I was on the tredmil trying to walk through the "hurt" (I would not classify it as pain) and it hurt so bad at the 3.0 pace - and that is freaking slow. However, I got myself out of that mindset and did 40 minutes at 3.0-3.2  on the tredmil. Not the best, but I did it. I was getting down on myself and Mama Laughlin's Dear Big Girl post was at the forefront of my thoughts. I was there. I was holding myself accountable. I was doing this for me. I got through the hurt. I felt good afterwards.
And now, here I am, sitting at my desk feeling good about today.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Topics

Linking up with Tiffany & Lauren for Tuesday Topics : Two Flowers.
I am not a big flower girl - however, a surprise bouquet of flowers do put a smile on my face.
I feel like most girls love of flowers and favorites are reflected in their bridal bouquet (at least mine were).. I LOVE peony's and roses!
The Austin Family Diary

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight In Wednesday

Happy Weight Loss Wednesday!

We are halfway through the week AND we get to focus on our healthy selves today!

What a great way to celebrate the middle of the work week!
Doesn't it feel good when your work out habits become enjoyable rather then forced. I am finally feeling good about exercise again. I am hurting less and I am craving more activity. I am no where near where I need to be but I am slowly gaining more and more energy which gives me the motivation and determination to continually do good and want to exercise.

My healthy food find of the week is:

Skotidakis dill & cucumber dip. Dips and appetizers make us fat, we all know that. However, this dip is greek yogurt based and is full of flavor! It is only 50 calories for 2 tablespoons. My afternoon snack this week has been carrots and dip! It is filling and satisfying!

I hope everyone has a clean week of eating and continues to makes the progress they are hoping for and deserve! Summer is right around the corner (seriously?!?!) and I have SO many fun things in my closet I bought last summer that I was hoping would fit me and never did. I want this summer to be one of smiles, fashion and confidence.

I deserve it.
You deserve it.

Also, if you are on myfitnesspal let me know and I will add you!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday!

Another weekend has come and gone.

However, it was SO nice to have a long weekend. I will take it! 

I was so excited that my friend Morgan brought me home some Price William & Kate Middleton goodies home from his last trip to England! I love anything and everything Royal Family so to say I was over flowing with excitement is an understatement! He got me shortbread cookies and tea. 

I forgot to post about my fun date night that John and I had in Downtown Seattle a few weekends ago. We had so much fun playing tourist in our own city and it never seizes to amaze me of all of our new findings! One popular Seattle must do is going to Post Alley at Pike Place Market and sticking a piece of gum to the infamous "gum wall"!!

And my Valentine's Day recap.. We had a great night! I am as simple as they come when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day. Our yearly tradition is a night in with a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and a ten dollar spending limit! It takes the stress out of the holiday and just is a nice night for us all around.  We made is technology free - turned off the cell phones, i-pad, computer and caught up on some of our TV shows on Netflix.
Sweet quote from the husband!

And now I am linking up with Tiffany and Lauren for Tuesday Topics.  This weeks topic is 3 stores. This was an easy one for me!
The Austin Family Diary
1. Target. I think my husband and I go to Target once a week. We are obsessed. No need to explain my love for this store in that much detail - I feel it is an obvious choice!

2. Kohls. I had never stepped foot in to a Kohl's store until a little over a year ago and instantly I became obsessed.  I am not one to ever sign up for a department store credit card, however, it made more sense to have a Kohl's card then not. The rewards and savings are FABULOUS - and I love getting my 30% off my entire purchase coupons throughout the year. Along with the wonderful coupons, I also love the Kohl's cash which virtually is "cash" to spend in the store.

3. Costco. Another self explanatory one! They simply have it all!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eat Less Sugar

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

Make sure you spread the love today. Today is not a day about having a boyfriend, fiance or husband - it is about taking the time to spread love to family, friends, children, strangers, co-workers! Yes, I agree Valentine's Day is very commercial and a Hallmark money making scheme, however, what a great day to recognize and acknowledge love.

Today I will be loving myself.  The sugar, cookies and crap does not need to be binged upon just because it is Valentine's Day. I graciously accepted some Valentine's cookies from a friend this morning and you know what I have looked at that cookie sitting next to me for the last two hours and it really is not worth eating... bye, bye cookie you are going in the trash. 

My self worth and health are important to me and today is about loving me and I need to treat my body the way I would treat a loved one.. with love, respect and happiness. 
 Tonight I will be going on a Valentine's Day run with my Mom.  Running sucks. I do not even know if I can count my "run" as an actual run. At this point I am just running the round edges of the track and then walking the straightaways because my endurance level cannot handle anything longer. It makes me want to cry. It is hard, oh so hard, but I am doing it for me. I am trying to get in three days a week of my "running" in hopes I can add some more distance in every week. I guess everyone has to start somewhere I just need to hold myself accountable and motivated. I am doing the 5k Color Run in May - that in itself is motivation.

Work and life get so busy. I have been exhausted lately and have not taken the proper amount of time to work on me. However, the steps I am taking for the week to come are encouraging and make me want to give 100%.

Here is my strategy and goals for the next week:

Saturday: "Run"
Sunday: Boot camp and 30 minutes of cardio - probably a walk outside
Monday: "Run" and workout at the gym (I have the day off, can get a good work out in)
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: "Run"
Friday: 30 minutes cardio before work at home on the treadmill

Honestly, I feel that this schedule is practical for me. I will not let my job, family, friends, social life or anything get in the way of this because I need it for me. The food part is pretty easy for me, if I make a food plan for the week and track it with myfitnesspal I will feel good and in control. I just need the work out so badly because without it I do not feel energetic, happy and it does not give me any progress. Sure, cutting out some food and portion control helps lose weight - but with my body I need the work out to compensate for the rest and that is when I will shed the weight.

How do you handle stress and making a workout schedule work for you?

And just because it is Valentine's Day and I felt the need to share this  picture with you:

5th grade.
Dalmation/heart covered Valentine's vest.
What the hell ws I thinking.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday!

Tuesday, already! How can that be?

Linking up with Tiffany and Lauren for Tuesday Topics 
~Four Things You Don't Know About Me~

As a teenager I had a "Britney Book".. I collected pictures of Ms. Spears and had different sections in my book by genre of picture. As you can see below some categories I had in my book were:

Young Britney
Britney wearing hats
Britney Valentines

There were multiple volumes of this Britney Book - when I would get in trouble when I was a teenager and got something "taken away" it was usually my Britney Book scrapbook materials. Embarrassing. 

Although, who am I to talk about being a changed woman - my bachelorette party was Britney Spears themed!! Yes, the bartender's arm says "I'm a Slave for Kathleen"

I do not like doing things outside of my comfort zone. I am a girl that loves routine in all aspects of life.  At the gym, I stick to all of my normal exercises - at restaurants, I always order the same things - at work, I perfect certain skill sets.

When I was little I loved performing. I did a music/dance camp every summer and thought I was a star. As I got older I thought it was cool to showcase my dancing skills at family gatherings or end of the season sports parties as seen below. I was am the uncoordinated "Baby Spice" in the background that clearly has NO rhythm.

I love the water. Growing up I was a swimmer, lifeguard, swim instructor and coach. I miss it all a lot. It was something I was good at and something that was very rewarding. Plus, the amazing tan in the summer was a bonus :)

The Austin Family Diary

Monday Love

Not sure if you all knew, but my boyfriend was on TV last night - no big deal.
Justin Timberlake, I love you.
Happy Monday to all - keepin this post short and sweet!

 All photos used are via  JT's Facebook page

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday!

Washington is a beautiful state to live in! 

A sunny day here makes up for all of the rain we deal with throughout the year.

I feel like we have a bit of everything here. 

In the summer we spend a lot of time hiking, camping and walking around the endless water sources here! Eastern Washington and Western Washington have very different climates but both have beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans which are accessible and easy to get to. Here are some of my favorite 'water" destinations in Washington.

Snoqualmie Falls

Lake Washington

Lake Kachess

Seattle Skyline

Kayak Point

The Columbia River

Lake Chelan
The Austin Family Diary