Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

What a happy weekend it was for us!!

J and I got the keys to our very first home on Friday and are official homeowners!! 

Our move began on Saturday morning.. we had 10 of our closest friends over (don't worry we fed them pizza and beer) and they helped us get 100% moved out of our storage unit. What a good feeling that was to get finished. 

 //our moving dream team//

Sunday J and my Dad spent the day stripping all of the old baseboard/crown moulding out of the house so we can start fresh and new. We cleaned the walls and prepped them for paint which begins tomorrow! Lot's of projects in the works for us.. can't wait to show you all before and after pictures!

We took today and tomorrow off from work to get some good progress made on some of our projects and also to be there when our appliances get delivered! 

Up next, baby appointment Tuesday! 
We are already at 16 weeks and can't wait to see how big he/she has grown since last time! 

Happy Monday! Happy Moving and Happy Baby!! Yayy!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!!
Today I am linking up with Darci from The Good Life for Five on Friday!
The concept is simple - think of five things that make you happy/that you love/on your mind..


1. Happy Birthday to MEEEE! (Well, tomorrow) I have been spoiled with all of the birthday love that the month of October brings. Family, friends, co-workers - all have been treating me so amazing. I am surrounded my love and great people in my life.

2. Baby love. You all were SO SWEET with all of your amazing congratulation wishes to me as I begin this new journey in life. I am obviously so happy and your kindness is so touching to me!

3. I am loving everything and anything pumpkin. I swear the grocery store becomes that much better every year when pumpkins and cornstalks greet you in to the store. Fall is here in full swing in the Pacific Northwest and I am loving it all (minus the rain)..

4. This was from this past weekend but I got to meet up with my best girlfriend from college and have a sleepover.  We are exact opposites in life, it's pretty funny actually - but together we just click. She is one of the most wonderful people in my life and I am just so happy dorm life brought us together 7 years ago.

5. Just because I really like this picture..

Happy Weekend to you all! Off to a birthday massage I go...
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