Monday, April 22, 2013

Bling Bling

Happy Tuesday!

**Well I screwed this one up. I got my weeks confused and did the wrong topic. FAIL**
Sorry Tuesday Topic-ers!
I was proud of myself too for planing my post early. Ugh.


Linking  up with Tiffany and Lauren for some Tuesday Topics action.
Today (next week) we are talking about three of my favorites pieces of Jewelery.

The first one was easy for me and every other bride out there. I love my wedding set.
John picked out the set on his own and I smile every time I look down at my ring finger.

My second favorite piece of jewelry is a charm bracelet I started when I was little.
I bought charms from every vacation destination we went on.
Got them as gifts that represented special memories
Or my Mom just bought be special charms that represented me
(a swimmer and a Nordstrom bag to be more specific)

My third favorite piece of jewelry is my Pandora bracelet I got for my 25th birthday from John.
As mentioned above, I love charm bracelets and what they represent.
The Austin Family Diary

Weekend Shenanigans

Another miserable, rainy, yucky weekend. I am seriously getting so over this weather. 
This body of mine is in need of a tan and some warmth. 
Not sweatshirts and jeans. 

Another low key weekend for me - which I will take any chance I can get! 
Summer is right around the corner (yay) and we have plans every weekend from June until September. 
So much fun to be had in the months to come.
But quiet, rainy weekends like this one - I love.

My weekend consisted of tough choices as you can see below. 
Which Luke Bryan CD to get. 
Luke Bryan, YOU shake it for me.
See you in August boy toy. 

Rain on my pretty freshly painted toes. 
Finally gave in and got my first manicure of the season. 
Loved every minute of it.
Bright colors make me happy.

Newest obsession. 
Tazo mint tea is delish!
Try some.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
Tired of the rain - but loving pretty tulips. 

And last but not least.
We found some dry moments and walked this little guy a few times this weekend.
Love walks with the pup! 

Hope your weekend was happy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love Yourself

I love everything about this.
Perception is everything.
Love yourself.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Childhood Kathleen

Linking up with Tiffany and Lauren for Tuesday Topics.
Showing off my childhood pictures this week!

My childhood was beyond amazing. 
My parents were the best at family time and made life a celebration daily. 
Childhood pictures - this one was right up my alley. My Mom captured EVERY memory growing up and put all of life's moments in many volumes of scrapbooks. 
I am blessed.

So here I go..

Childhood Kathleen, getting baptised. Baller.

Childhood Kathleen, pouting because she did not get her way. Typical.

 Childhood Kathleen, being one with nature. Heyyy.

 Childhood Kathleen, loving being a big sister. Awww.

Childhood Kathleen, surrounded by water. Big surprise.

Childhood Kathleen, celebrating Britney Spears' Birthday. Don't judge.

Childhood Kathleen, showing off her winnings. Fly girl.

Childhood Kathleen, taking crazy hair day to a whole new level. School spirit.

Childhood Kathleen, what the hell?????? So much to say about this picture. 
You do not like the Yankee's.. 

Childhood Kathleen, you were one hot school mascot. Skinny legs.

The Austin Family Diary

And lucky me, while I am on the topic of childhood pictures - I am also getting the chance to link up with Holly and Kimmy for The Yearbook Years!

Enjoy some second grade Kathleen!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Life lately has been incredibly busy. Weekends have been filled up of errands, get togethers, celebrations and keeping up with life. Let's just say - this girl over here is tired! 

When I realized this weekend in my planner had not one single plan written down, I was ecstatic. 
One whole weekend. Zero plans. YESS!

And we kept it at just that. Lot's of relaxation, TV, walks and a few errands which we got done early Saturday so we could have the rest of the weekend to enjoy. The weather made it easy to be lazy too - as it just rained, rained and rained. I guess the big guy upstairs knew J and I were in need of some down time! 

No weekend is complete without a trip to Costco. When you have two Costco's within five miles of you there is no excuse. However, we made it out spending under $50.00 which NEVER happens (we call Costco the $100.00 store - we never get out of there without spending over $100.00) and we resisted all sampling and just got fruit and water. SCORE!

I resisted buying more of these delicious coconut cashews. Seriously, these are my addiction. 
Have any of you ever tried these? 

Our weekend consisted a lot of Netflix. It was perfect. 

I had a Pinterest win when I tried making these yummy egg muffins! Easy to make and healthy to eat. 

KC wanted in on some of the yummy breakfast. He was drooling.

Like I said, the weekend was relaxing and a win for us.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Topics/Travel

This was a tough post for me to make myself sound exciting! So I will give you the boring, unedited version of a typical day in the life of Kathleen.
The Austin Family Diary
 Seven Things You Do Everyday:
1. My alarm goes off at 5:40 and it is such a dreadful part of my day. I would much rather wake up on my own. However, I am lucky enough to wake up to this cute man day after day. Every morning he showers first and "prepares" my toothbrush with toothpaste and it is sitting on the counter waiting for me when I go into the bathroom.
2. Work
3. Walk during my lunch break - this is something I try to do everyday! I can get in 2 miles and the route I walk along is beautiful. Right on the water!

We took our engagement picurtres on the lake that I walk by. So pretty!
4. Check social media throughout the day. Pathetic I know but we all do it.
5. When I get home from work it is time for dinner, housework, walk/run and playing with our dog!
6. Wind down time with some reality TV time.. Real Housewives anyone?? Or watch some Netflix and continue watching seasons of TV shows - Prison Break is our current show together.
7. Snack time before bed usually consists of popcorn or ice cream but lately it has been an apple with cinnamon sprinkled on top. So delicious and satisfying!

My Travel Tuesday is not a trip I have been on - but a trip I will be going on in just a few months! One week on Lake Pendoreille, Idaho.. Can't wait!
Helene in Between