Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer 2011 Memories

Summer is fast approaching and the common trend I have noticed is the lists of summer fun and mini bucket lists friends and bloggers have been compiling. Most of my friends that are making these lists have children -  but who says I can't join in the fun and jot down all of my Summer 2012 "to-do's".  Yes, having little kids makes some activities more fun (that is why I have nephews) BUT I am a newlywed and my husband and I have every right to find the inner child in us and plot away (okay - let's be honest I just really like having plans and organization to my life)!! So here it is our 2012 summer bucket list!! 

1. Go camping
2. Ride a bike
3. Have a backyard bon fire
4. Go on a picnic (I am hoping for our 1st anniversary)
5. Go wine tasting
6. Go dancing
7. Run on the beach
8. Drink a fruity drink with an umbrella (poolside preferably)
9. Go to an outdoor concert
10. Take pictures with an underwater camera
11. Go on a hike
12. Play cards
13. Take pictures
14. Road trip
15. Karaoke
16. Make smores
17. Host a party (tacos and margaritas anyone?)
18. Eat breakfast outside with a book
19. Go to the zoo
20. Go to an outdoor market
21. Learn a new recipe
22. BBQ
23. Swim in a pool and the ocean
24. Get a manicure and pedicure
25. Have a girls night
26. Go to an outdoor movie
27. Pay it forward
28. Light off sparklers
29. Buy new summer heels
30. Go to a wedding
31. Buy a colorful summer dress32. Drink lemonade
33. Go out for a fancy dinner
34. Watch a sunrise and sunset
35. Romantic movie night

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