Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Life lately has been incredibly busy. Weekends have been filled up of errands, get togethers, celebrations and keeping up with life. Let's just say - this girl over here is tired! 

When I realized this weekend in my planner had not one single plan written down, I was ecstatic. 
One whole weekend. Zero plans. YESS!

And we kept it at just that. Lot's of relaxation, TV, walks and a few errands which we got done early Saturday so we could have the rest of the weekend to enjoy. The weather made it easy to be lazy too - as it just rained, rained and rained. I guess the big guy upstairs knew J and I were in need of some down time! 

No weekend is complete without a trip to Costco. When you have two Costco's within five miles of you there is no excuse. However, we made it out spending under $50.00 which NEVER happens (we call Costco the $100.00 store - we never get out of there without spending over $100.00) and we resisted all sampling and just got fruit and water. SCORE!

I resisted buying more of these delicious coconut cashews. Seriously, these are my addiction. 
Have any of you ever tried these? 

Our weekend consisted a lot of Netflix. It was perfect. 

I had a Pinterest win when I tried making these yummy egg muffins! Easy to make and healthy to eat. 

KC wanted in on some of the yummy breakfast. He was drooling.

Like I said, the weekend was relaxing and a win for us.

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  1. which pinterest egg muffin recipe is that? I need to try one of those!!!

  2. Those cashews sound AMAZING! I never would have thought of that flavor combo.

    I've never been to a Costco, but I'm sure I'd be the same way with the spending so maybe it's for the best!! Do you have to spend more/buy more to get the best deals?

  3. So glad you got a nice relaxing weekend. We have a busy schedule coming up so I feel you.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I love relaxing weekend.