Monday, April 15, 2013

Childhood Kathleen

Linking up with Tiffany and Lauren for Tuesday Topics.
Showing off my childhood pictures this week!

My childhood was beyond amazing. 
My parents were the best at family time and made life a celebration daily. 
Childhood pictures - this one was right up my alley. My Mom captured EVERY memory growing up and put all of life's moments in many volumes of scrapbooks. 
I am blessed.

So here I go..

Childhood Kathleen, getting baptised. Baller.

Childhood Kathleen, pouting because she did not get her way. Typical.

 Childhood Kathleen, being one with nature. Heyyy.

 Childhood Kathleen, loving being a big sister. Awww.

Childhood Kathleen, surrounded by water. Big surprise.

Childhood Kathleen, celebrating Britney Spears' Birthday. Don't judge.

Childhood Kathleen, showing off her winnings. Fly girl.

Childhood Kathleen, taking crazy hair day to a whole new level. School spirit.

Childhood Kathleen, what the hell?????? So much to say about this picture. 
You do not like the Yankee's.. 

Childhood Kathleen, you were one hot school mascot. Skinny legs.

The Austin Family Diary

And lucky me, while I am on the topic of childhood pictures - I am also getting the chance to link up with Holly and Kimmy for The Yearbook Years!

Enjoy some second grade Kathleen!



  1. love that pic of you and your bro at the ocean :)

  2. Oh my gosh, i love it! What a cute link up idea too.
    This must have been so fun to put together.. I love little trips down memory lane!

  3. I celebrated the New Kids on the Block all the time growing up so nothing wrong with Britney :)

    Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

  4. Cute! And you rocked those braided pig tails!

  5. Okay the Christmas morning picture is AMAZING! Holiday Barbie...check, Chicken Soup book...check...CD Walkman...Check! Perfection!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Hi I'm stopping by from Skinny Megs blog. I was looking through your pictures and it looks like you must live somewhere close to me! Well at least somewhere in the PNW. I live in Bellingham, WA.

  7. I freaking love that you celebrated Britney's birthday. Hysterical. And those pigtails are darling!

  8. You are rocking those braids. But your moms track suit steals the show lol thanks for linking up

  9. Bahahah! I spy one sweet fanny pack. And tell me you didn't get a Brita water filter for xmas?! New to your blog, newest follower, can't wait to waste more time looking around and hope you'll stop by and follow back!