Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Happenings

Has your December been as crazy as mine has been?

I am exhausted.


And am trying to find time to get some me time in - but somehow I keep adding things to my schedule.

December has been my month of random blog posts. Here is another for you!

My little brother is a college graduate! I briefly mentioned this last week - but I love this family picture. What a happy day it was and I cannot explain how proud I am of my brother!

I really am so surprised that I have not discussed these amazing glassybaby votive candle holders. These are a HIT in Washington and I will need to dedicate a whole post about them in the near future.  These Christmas colors have completed the dining room table at my parents house. 

I am really good at shopping. But really bad at wrapping. I have told myself every single night this week that I would wrap and get it all done by this weekend. It is Thursday and I have not even started. Maybe tonight with be the night?? Ha! I make myself laugh!

It makes me so happy when blog friends become real life friends.  One of the most beautiful Christmas cards I have received this year. My preggo blog friend Tiffany at the Austin Family Diaries is adorable and just one of the sweetest girls I know - hopefully J and I will get a chance to visit them the next time we go to Arizona.

Christmas came early for me! I got my amazing May Book in the mail yesterday and am so excited! There is something about a empty planner that gets be so excited. 2013 will be an amazing year and I cannot wait to fill those pages up with fun things happening in our life! 

I am usually the girl that is 100% on point when it comes to getting our adorable, photographed Christmas cards out. It is December 20th and I never got around to creating a card let alone getting anything out in the mail. I do not know what it was for me this year but I just could not get in to it like usual. Tonight along with wrapping (ha) I will be writing out some Christmas cards!


  1. Aww thank you so much for the sweet shoutout friend :) Loved your dress in your pic! You look beautiful! Don't worry about not getting your Christmas photo card out...just think about how amazing it will be next year with all your exciting new adventures :D Definitely digging those votives! And I really wish I was in WA so I could do all of your wrapping--seriously it's my favorite part!

  2. Your cards are fantastic! SUPER cute. And I agree with Tiff - just finish them for next year. People will be SOOO impressed with how on the ball you are!

  3. Yes, December has been crazy here too! I love the holidays but hate how busy they can get. I haven't wrapped many presents either. I really should be doing that right now instead of reading blogs :)

  4. I've had a fairly relaxed Christmas this year because we are staying home, instead of traveling to visit our families - it's been a nice change (though I miss our families). Good luck with your to-do list!!! (Those are cute cards!) I'm dropping by from the Sparkle & Shine Blog hop.

  5. Dec has been wild for everyone!!

  6. your blog had me at its name! so cute!
    new follower from the aloha blog hop!!


  7. Found your blog via the Aloha blog hop! and I am newest follower! Congrats to your brother on graduate from college.

    Have a great weekend!
    @ LovelyArmyWife

  8. I found you via the MLFC FB group - is that too cryptic?!

    I look forward to checking in on your journey.

  9. Congratulations to your brother on his graduation!
    I adore Tiffany's Christmas card!
    Hope you were able to get caught up on your wrapping and cards :)