Sunday, December 2, 2012

Loosing Weight In December

Loosing weight during the holiday season is possible.

It is December and I have set my goals. 

I will loose 10 pounds this month.

It is so refreshing when a new month begins.  It is a new start. A new time to re-group my thoughts and establish new goals, new plans. Another month for me to work on me and become a much happier, healthier and confident version of myself.

The holiday season has officially arrived and if any of you are like me you have a full month full of holiday parties, cookie exchanges, happy hours.. you name it! While celebrating is my middle name - I plan on being full of aware of choices I make to make this month successful for myself.  I have lost 21 pounds since October and am so excited about my progress. I cannot and will not sabotage what I have started and accomplished to date.  

That being said - I do plan on over indulging at parties and being festive and merry this season! Some of my favorite foods are centered around this season and I plan on eating my favorites. The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone struggling during the holidays is not to stress over every piece of food but be aware of what your weeks look like and go in to every week in December with a plan.

When starting my weeks this time of year I look at my planner and see what I have going on.  Usually I have a dinner party of some sort during the weekend and one or two happy hours during the week (the later in to December I get the more I have going on).. I am fully aware from the get go of what my plans are and I can successfully plan around what my exercise/food plan will be.  Having 4 days a week of no cheating, logging my food and at least a hour of cardio will make me feel less guilt while enjoying myself at holiday celebrations! 

Also, drink water.  Water is amazing and will help flush out all of the extra sodium stuck in your system! Water, water, water - no need to say more..

I have one week until my final weigh in for my Biggest Loser Challenge at my gym! Here is to hopefully being down 30 pounds and to feeling great during the holidays! 


  1. Congrats on meeting your goals. I need to start sticking to my exercise routine.

  2. Great job so far! I really need to start my "lose the baby weight" mission but I'm so tempted to put it off until the New Year. This post inspired me to start NOW!!