Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life Lately

Sorry friends - blogging has taken the backseat lately.
I have a lot on my mind - have started countless posts - but nothing ever feels good enough.
Ever have those days??
So today you will get the joy of listening to this girls random thoughts and life happenings. 
 I have a cold today. I felt it coming on Monday night and went to sleep so fast in hopes it was my stress and exhaustion teasing me.. I woke up yesterday and today with my new BFF cold. Not fun considering this week has been insane and work has been even crazier with it being the end of the year.
I am sad I was camera shy in 2012.  My picture taking skills were lacking and I did not carry my camera around with me enough.  I did not get to capture as many moments this year as I wished. Big mental note to myself on making that change in 2013. 
John and I may have some exciting news to come (no it is not a baby).. we have spent the last few months house hunting and we have narrowed it down to one we really love. We are showing both sets of families this weekend! Wish us luck, as I really love this house and I have high hopes. More to come on everything house...
I hate when I hear people say the "R" word.. I just cannot tolerate it at all.
Every single time I walk into the kitchen at my office there is a new fatty food "gifted" to our office.  Damn holiday season... cookies, candy, chips, popcorn, crackers..
I love ordering a new planner for the year to come. Seriously, this makes me SO happy. I ordered my new May Book planner and cannot wait until it comes. My 2013 calendar already has so many fun things going on. Can't wait to make them official and put them in the planner :)
My bridesmaid dress for a wedding I am in this summer came in the mail. Love, love, love it!
I need a haircut so bad. My last cut was almost one year ago and I just need to finally get one scheduled.  Adding that to my December goal sheet right now!
Speaking of goal sheets.. I make way to make charts, lists, plans..
Wine. I love it. Pinot Grigio you da man!
Wrapping Christmas presents is not my thing. I have not started and am honestly dreading that whole process. Maybe I will settle on cute bags this year.
Sunday my Mom and I will be spending the day in the kitchen! She is making her delish homemade spaghetti sauce and our family favorite Christmas cookies - while I whip up batches of homemade dog treats. Sunday will be a good day!
My brother graduated from college this past weekend from Washington State University - Go Cougs! I am so proud of him and know he will go places in life!
The Santa Clause (one of my favorites) was made made 17 years ago! How can this be???
Tomorrow we draw names at work for our office Secret Santa.. this makes me giddy!
And this my friends is my feel good for today - we could all use a Karma Cleanse every now and then.


  1. love. love. LOVE this post!!

    that Karma Cleanse is sooo great! and so true!

    puts some things in perspective for me!

    Thanks so much for posting!! :)


  2. I didn't take many pictures this year either!

    Oooo 17 years ago really? Jeeeeez

  3. The Santa Clause turned 17? Now I feel really OLD! OH, and congrats on perhaps finding your new home. :) :)

  4. Ooooh we just watched The Santa Clause the other night :) Love it...but really?? 17 years ago?! Oh man, wrapping is my favorite part! I wish we lived closer, I would gladly wrap all your gifts with love :) Congrats to your bro on graduating! Can't wait to hear about the house!!

  5. I love this - thanks for sharing!
    Definitely your newest follower from the blog hop - can't wait to get to know you better!

  6. Following from the blog hop. Thanks for Co Hosting. I would love it if you would swing by the Nifty Thirty Family sometime.