Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

March? I can't believe it! 

I had a great, relaxing, wonderful weekend! We did not have much going on this which was so nice! I enjoyed some lounging around time catching up on TV shows as well as some great work outs and walks outside. This girl can't complain a bit!

I love seeing all of the flowers popping up everywhere! It truly means Spring is right around the corner! 

Since Spring is getting close - I need to take full advantage of Crock Pot dinners! 
Crock pot = best invention ever! 

Woke up on Sunday to a BEAUTIFUL day - so much sun and even got to wear my sunglasses. People, that does not happen very much in good 'ol Washington. Just last night we had one of our normal huge rainstorms.. I definitely was not expecting to wake up to a day like this. 

My newest lunchtime must - Cafe Bowl's from Safeway.  I know, I know - it is still the lazy way out when it comes to meal preparation, but it sure beats the alternative of mine which is a frozen meal full of preservatives.  These salads are great and have everything in perfect portions! 

Happy Monday friends!


  1. crock pot recipes are the best!! i need to buy those cafe bowls look so delicious!

  2. there is a special place in my heart for my crock pot! if I can find some cafe bowls, I will for sure be taking that route. it looks yummy! I hope the weather stays nice for you. good ol' Indiana is suppose to get one last snow storm this week. yuck.

  3. Pretty flowers! We have crock pot meals lined up for this week too! Love those kind of meals! Happy Tuesday!!

  4. i LOVE cooking with my crockpot!!!!!
    it was one of the best gifts i got for xmas

  5. Hi :) found your site while blog hopping :) Followed you ;) hope you will follow me back.

    The flowers look lovely :) I live in the Philippines and we get flowers all year round but flowers do become more special when they don't always appear :) I haven't tried crockpot meals yet but by the looks of it and the way you gushed, it must really be good! :)