Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up!

This past weekend was a weekend of celebration! From Thursday until today we have been in party mode - celebrating my husband turning 29 years old! We both took today off from work and enjoyed the most beautiful day - sun and clear blue skies! 

Happy Birthday to you, my loving, amazing, hilarious J boy! You rock my world and make life more fun just by being in it and being you. May the year to come be a fabulous one - full of good health, happy memories and laughter! I love you!

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Helene in Between

Cannon Beach Oregon is one of my favorite places to visit! Growing up my family went there every single summer for long beach weekends away. We started out by staying in a hotel and then as my brother and I got older we started camping down by the ocean. 

When John and I started dating I took him to this special place. We had the best time and could not wait to come back. When we returned the following summer John proposed and  we celebrated our weekend as an engaged couple! 

On the drive to Manzanita (right outside of Cannon Beach) you drive through these cliffs and when you approach this lookout point you know you are close. To this day seeing this view makes me smile - it reminds me of so many car rides to the beach, where life is easier and happier. Once we saw this sight we knew we were close and were about to unload our car and start our vacation!

Cannon Beach not only has a special in my place in my heart for the memories my family had here - but now as the place I was engaged at! So much happy surrounds this place and I am thankful for the memories that have been created there. 

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The Austin Family Diary

Looking back on some of my posts my favorites are:

One Year Anniversary - pretty self explanatory!

A Little About Me - I was a newbie to the blog world and shared a little about myself!

And then one of my favorite posts by Mama Laughlin is Dear Big Girl, which was so inspiring and motivating! She has some of the most encouraging posts!


Tomorrow I start the Advocare 20 Day Challenge! Wish we luck!


  1. I've heard a lot of great things about Cannon Beach but haven't been yet! I will have to go down there this Summer with my family :D
    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  2. wow! cannon beach looks incredible! I have actually never heard of it before, looks like somewhere I would love to visit!

  3. Let me know how Advocare goes! I love your about me post! One day when I finally visit Seattle I better meet up with you!! :-)

  4. how is your Advocare challenge going? I did the 10 day cleanse a few weeks ago and LOVED IT!!!! I need to do the 24 day challenge now... my birthday weekend and Easter de-railed me pretty badly!!