Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting Started

Life is back to normal today.

Back to work after eleven glorious days off. 

Yesterday was one of those last supper kind of days.  The holiday junk food is out of the house FINALLY and my mind is in motivated, ready and excited to be back on track.  It feels good. 

I am taking baby steps to success for the remaining part of the work week. My first goal is get through the next three days with clean eating.  This will be shock enough for my body (I have lived off of carbs, sugar and alcohol for the last month) and I do not want to over do it.  I obviously will continue after the big three days of clean eating but sometimes its easier for me to break long term goals up in to realistic small goals - that way I feel successful more often.

I made my grocery list for the week, prepped all of my food for the week and here I am starting today - feeling fresh and ready! Feeling prepared really helps me feel in control, especially on work days.  I cut and weighed chicken breasts in the correct portion size (4 oz is 130 calories), cut up lettuce, tomatoes, measured my salad dressing (Safeway Asian Sesame is 54 calories for 3tbsp)  and packed up my food for work. I am feeling great about having a positive day!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Being prepared is such a big key to success, at least for me. I know I always feel good after preparing my meals and knowing that I've set myself up for a good day. Good job getting back on track... this last month has definitely been a tough one!

  2. Girl, i need to do the same thing with food. Carbs, sugar, and alcohol has been my diet for the past two weeks. Yuck. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I'm getting back on track too and I'm thinking about writing dinners and workouts in a calendar so I can see my progress. I'd like to invite you to my blog for weight loss wednesdays and if you're interested, guest post with tips or your success story. Esther Norine Designs

  4. I find myself doing "last suppers" as well. Planning ahead is a big help for me.

  5. I love a fridge stocked with healthy goodies!!! You go girl!! :)