Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Black Dress

Happy Hump Day!

Lot's of wonderful motivation is surrounding me and it feels oh so good.

What is my motivation you ask? 

My little black dress.  My LBD is hanging beautifully next to my treadmill because I want to wear that baby come summer. I love one shoulder dresses and have many but my confidence level/body is not quite where it should be to rock this look. With wedding/summer season approaching I have A LOT of dresses that I want to wear while I am at weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties so now is the time to keep those events in mind and work hard.
Pictures from Summer 2011: This was my wedding summer and I worked my ass off (literally) to get my weight under control and to a point where I felt beautiful and confident. I let myself go in 2012 and I know this year is my year to feel good, look good and honestly feel youthful. I am 25 and I want to feel sexy and young - the way a 25 year old should be feeling.
Future Baby "E": Although I am not preggers at the moment - I do have baby on the brain. I need to prepare this body of mine to be safe home for my future babes.
My Husband: He deserves to have a confident, sexy, happy wife.
While a lot of my reasons may sound superficial - which they are - they all revolve around the same feeling for me which is confidence.
Things that I feel are working for me right now:
- Taking baby steps as I get back in to the work out world.
- I am keeping track of EVERYTHING on, which has been a great (free) site!
- Making weekly goals for myself.
The weekly goals have been a big help for me. Usually I make my goals unrelastic and so long term that I am unable to keep them. One of my resolutions this year was to make one health related goal a week, stick to it for the week and then I can move on to my next goal. This week I have eliminated ALL frozen meals - which had become a easy go to lunch and dinner option for me and my busy schedule. I have been concentrating on measuring out portions of food, eating non-labeled foods and have really just been focusing on eating cleaner instead of the processed frozen crap and zap I put in my body.  Obviously, there will be times when that is the most realistic meal (my husband hates the word meal, it makes me laugh when I write it) option for me.. but I am trying to learn new habits and eat better we a whole.
Make sure you link up with Erin & Alex today for Weigh In Wednesday. As you can see I did not weigh in but I wanted to share my life happenings with you today!


  1. Way to go hun!!! You can do it!!! Love that dress by the way!!!

  2. I LOVE that dress... SO cute!! You will be rocking that this summer for sure and I can only hope that I will be too!

  3. Cute lbd!!! What a great idea to keep it by your treadmill for inspiration! Love the different healthy goal each week. Eventually they will come together and you'll be practicing so many healthy habits. I might want to do that myself. I've always struggled with getting to and maintaining my ideal weight. Best of luck!

  4. That dress is darling! I need to get away from the frozen meals also. Sounds like we are in the same boat...BUSY. That is my goal this week is to plan ahead!

  5. Very cute dress! Great idea hanging it somewhere as a reminder!

  6. all 3 of those reasons are totally what's motivating me to get in shape too! I hate not feeling sexy & confident at 24. and love the dress idea too! (I have my "skinny dress" in my closet ready to wear... maybe I should pull it out?)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    {PS - I'm giving away a fitness notebook & would love for you to win!}

  7. You are going to look so cute rocking that dress at a wedding :D

  8. Adorable dress! I have to say the most exciting thing about losing weight is being able to try things on and having them all look good!