Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Advocare: Day 3

Today is day three on the Advocare 10 Day Challenge!
I am honestly feeling so good.
Had the curse of day two which happened to me last time.. headaches, weak feeling..
But once I pass day two I feel great and it is a breeze.

My biggest challenge is this time around is food temptation.

I have somehow or another have seven "going out" meals during the course of the ten days that I am having to plan around. Between lunches with co-workers, dinner with friends and fathers day celebrations.. it is a little ridiculous. However, I have made it through the first two of the seven. 

Yesterday was a double whammy! Out to lunch AND out to dinner.. restaurants play mind games with me I swear.  Portion size is tripled, fat content is quadrupled and the it just makes easier sense to "cheat" while at a restaurant. However, this girl over here made some great decisions!

Lunch: Brown Rice California Rolls (crab, avocado, cucumber, brown rice, seaweed)

Dinner: Red Robin (which is my total weakness..) chicken burger wrapped in lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and fruit instead of fries.

I was pretty stressed about getting through those two meals - being so early in a cleanse and having these temptations was pretty difficult but I did it! And waking up today, on day three, knowing I made excellent decisions the past two days was motivating and felt great. 

Here is a favorite snack that I love! Apples with cinnamon sprinkled on top. 
Sweet, healthy and satisfying!

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  1. Are you taking any supplements or anything else while doing the cleanse? I thought about trying it out but haven't yet. It seems to work for a lot of people!

  2. Way to go on not cheating at Red Robin! That is definitely something to be very proud of!

  3. Wow, fantastic job staying on track while eating out! I basically just canceled anything I had scheduled because I have no will power, but I did do a team breakfast Monday where I just ate fruit. Day 2 was terrible for me but today I'm feeling great and optimistic about finishing.

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  4. Great job! I am doing the cleanse too-it is hard when it comes to eating out (which I have just avoided). Day 2 was my roughest day so far but feeling great today! The apples with cinnamon look great... I usually have peanut butter with my apple, but I may try that instead! :)

  5. So impressed at your will power at both meals. Eating out is so hard!! Did they give you a hard time about eating with the lettuce wraps at Red Robin? I haven't been there in a long time but that sounds like a nice swap!

  6. I'm a new follower through the linkup and I just want to say...MAJOR PROPS for that self control while eating out!!! I lovvvve sushi and burgers and there's no way I could have placed those orders. I also have zero self control so that's probably why haha. Anyway, can't wait to keep reading your blog :)

  7. Have you tried Skinny Meg's Creamy PB dip? So good and would totally work into the plan. Way to go not to cheat. Red Robin kills me too. I always want a giant burger.

  8. If you can pass on fries from Red Robin you can make it through anything!