Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Topics

Tuesday Topics day! Today's topic is "Seven Things About Your Job"..
I usually do not discuss my job on this blog of mine often. 
However, today I will be pretty vague and give you some insight to my job!
Be patient as I make this post short and sweet..
I have been a paralegal/legal assistant for almost six years in a law firm in Washington.
It was an opportunity that was spontaneous and quickly became a great career for me.
I am blessed and love my job!
Seven things I about my job:
- I touch A LOT of paper throughout the day
- The location of my work is great - right by the lake!
- My desk is in cubical land next to the bathroom. Yuck...
- I spend a lot of time on the phone
- I love pink post it notes and ordering office supplies is fun to me
- There is the best seafood restaurant next door. It is the only place I will justify spending $18.00 on a salad. Crab and shrimp galore!
- I have palm trees hovering over my desk space.. all I need is a tropical drink with an umbrella and it would feel like vacation! (I try to convince myself that a lot)... 
Life. Love.Lauren


  1. Man, I wish I had a job where I could leave for lunch! Teachers brownbag it everyday!


  2. That's awesome you job is right next to the lake - that is one of my favorite things about living in Washington, all of the gorgeous scenery and views!
    I love post-it notes and ordering office supplies!
    7 Things About My Job

  3. I don't talk about work on my job much, either. But work takes up so much of my life, it's crazy! I'm glad that you like yours. I got my paralegal certification a couple years ago from UW with the intention of going into the legal field, but for a variety of reasons it never happened. But I'm very happy where I am. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  4. I'm glad that there's a little benefits to your job, like the lake and the good food!

    I linked up too! I hope you'll stop by!

  5. I am with you on ordering office supplies. LOVE IT!

  6. I wish I got lunches! Yeah and being next to the lake doesn't sound to bad. Just try and remember that every time you hear a toilet flush? haha ;-)