Friday, July 20, 2012


I promise I am ALMOST done talking about my vacation. I am dedicating my "Dear Friday" to overwhelming you with pictures from Florida and spending a little more time reminiscing of my fabulous time.

We started our trip in Orlando where we spent the first two days of our travels with my Aunt and Uncle. We love every chance we get with them and they conveniently live 25 minutes away from Disney World! So our trip began at the most magical place on earth! I was SO excited to go to Disney. I felt like a little kid as we arrived on to the property and the minute I got a glimpse of Cinderella's Castle I felt alive and ready for the day ahead!

After your Disney adventure we packed up the car and drove down the the Gulf Coast and stayed at a condo in Naples! It was BEAUTIFUL there and we loved playing on the beach, swimnming in the pool and really vacationing. It was pure relaxation and I was in my element.

Since we were vacationing with my parents - which we truly loved - we knew we wanted to get away for a bit and celebrate our first anniversary! We rented a 2013 Ford Mustang and traveled down the beach a ways and stayed at a beautiful hotel on the water.

John is OBSESSED with the Boston Red Sox and their Spring Training facility was about twenty minutes away.  When we arrived it was closed, but I saw a fence open for some of the people who were doing some maintenance and we snuck in to the building. We wandered everywhere and even snuck on to the field!

I signed up to get the Naples Groupon's before we went on our vacation.  There was a kayaking deal that I bought for us to go on and it was the best experience.  We kayaked for three hours, stopping at little islands along the way and there were dolphins swimming all around us.  One of the moments I will never forget.

At the end of our week at Naples we travled to Tampa Bay for the evening to watch the Boston Red Sox play Tampa Bay!

From Tampa Bay we went back to Orlando and spent our last day at Universal Adventure Island which was SO MUCH FUN!!!  It was the perfect way to end our vacation.

We then said our goodbyes to Florida and returned home safe and sound. Can't wait to go back!



  1. ahhh love all your photos! Makes me really want to go visit Disney :)! I told Cody--he told me I had to wait until we had kids (and they were old enough to enjoy it--boo!).

    Love that you were kayaking with the dolphins--what an awesome experience!

  2. Found your blog through the link up! Love all your photos! I'm on my way back to FL in a few weeks, and I used to work at Walt Disney World (Epcot) and your pictures were making me so excited to go back. New follower :)

  3. I. Am. So. Jealous. Of. This. Vacation!

    Disney is my favorite place in the entire world! And the Red Sox training spot?! My husband would die.