Monday, October 22, 2012

I Love Fall

I love Fall.
I love pumpkins.
I love October.
I love the guilt free feeling of staying in bed all morning, cuddled in a blanket and watching TV because it is rainy and windy outside.
I love how my candle collection cheerfully appears every October and a certain smell can trigger a warm memory.
I love scarves.
I love Starbucks.
I love that I have a October birthday.
I love Halloween candy costumes.
I love boots, baggy sweaters and skinny jeans.
I love pumpkin seeds.
I love pulling out my flannel sheets and making my bed that much cozier.
I love Northface jackets.
I love Ugg slippers.
I love apples.
I love colorful trees.
I love warm soup.
I love Fall.


  1. I love Fall too--and am so jealous of all your fall weather, fall clothing, and flannel sheets. I can still rock out the fall scents and Halloween candy though!

  2. I love fall too. Just wish we actually had a fall here. I miss flannel sheets.