Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Went Running

Yesterday, I went for a run.
People this is a big deal. BIG DEAL.
My running history consists of the Friday run I had to do when I was a sophomore in high school - that was the last time I went running. I was a swimmer for 13 years in which I used my legs to kick and splash the water NOT run on.
This is how yesterday went:
All day I knew it was "run day".. and I was nervous because this girl over here does not run. I left work a little bit early to buy a brand new pink sports bra so I could hold the girls in place while I ran (HA, still sounds so funny to use the word run in my exercise vocabulary).. I got home, changed and then waited in silence until John got home. It was starting to get dark and looked like it could start raining any minute.. yes, I was thinking of every excuse possible.
John and I walked to the track from our house and we decided that I would start off by running the curves of the track and then walk the straightaway - I would be doing 4 laps around the track making it 8 curves total of  "running"..
You guys, I looked ridiculous. I was slow, felt ugly, was embarrassed and wanted to quit.  My goal was small and it was hard. On lap number two I had tears dripping down my face because I had my husband running next to me, supporting me and all I felt was embarrassment and shame for being so out of shape. He motivated me, told me to keep going and loved me and I did just that. The words of the famous Mama Laughlin (one of my most favorite bloggers) kept popping in my head throughout this whole run.. she talks about taking baby steps and how when she started running to loose weight everything hurt and she started slow - I knew I was not alone.
Today I am sore - but that makes me so happy. When I ache today I smile at the thought of the baby steps I took yesterday, the leap I am taking with my weight loss and the thought of the future me so fit, healthy and happy.


  1. Yea! Keep up the good work! The first day is the will get easier :)

  2. Just found your blog and this post resonated with me so much! I hate running too...but girl, YOU CAN DO IT! A run is a run -- and it's easy to get discouraged, I know, but I'm proud of you for getting out and doing your best! Check out my recent post -- "one step at a time" -- I think it will be an encouragement to you! :)

    Emily from

  3. Nice job!! I need to get to running, also...and I'm not any too happy about it.

  4. SOOO excited for you!! I just started running this year. I can relate 100% to how you were feeling. When I first started I coudn't run 30 seconds without stopping. Keep with it. It takes time. But when you are finally comfortable you will be so glad you did it. And don't get discouraged. With anything you will have good days and bad days. Just keep going. So proud of you honey!!

  5. I wish my back would allow me to run, but no. I wish you success in your running. I am a new follower from the GFC.