Tuesday, October 23, 2012

13.2 Lost

Hey pretty people! I have some wonderful news (no I am not pregnant).. I lost 13.2 pounds!

I know I have posted about my weight issues, goals and some information about starting Weight Watchers - but things changed a bit. At the end of September I found out my gym was hosting a Biggest Loser competition that was going to be a "holiday sprint" and I thought this would be a good plan for me. I love a good competition and along with the loosing weight incentive - there is a $500.00 cash prize to the person that looses the most weight!

The competition began on October 8th and finishes on December 10th.  I will weigh in ever two weeks and last night was my first weigh in.  I was pretty excited because I had made a lot of adjustments to my diet (a lot of portion control and counting calories) that I knew I had to have lost a good 5-10 pounds. Although the minute I got there and my competitors got up to weigh I immediately became insecure that maybe my 7 out of 14 days of perfect eating were not good enough.

Well they were! This girl over here is 13.2 pounds lighter and I could not be happier. Seeing that number on the scale go down as much as it did in just a matter of two weeks was just the motivation I needed to get through the next two weeks! John came with me for support (he has been super husband though all of this) and seeing the smile on his face also made it worth it and that much more motivating for me too. I know he loves me with all of his heart - but it is unfair for him to have to deal with insecure me all of the time and ultimately have an overweight wife.

I was the highest loser (ha) and then my competition arrived.  Some girl weighed in at 13.6 -beeotch.  THE COMPETITION IS ON. The trainer in John came out and he whispered to me immediately "we need to beat her".. so not only is my diet my thing - it is now my husbands mission too. I tried to give her the stink eye, attitude and silent treatment the rest of the night (mature right?).. but she just had to tell me "good job" as well were leaving the gym. UGHH she just HAD to be nice!

Although these women may be my "competition" - I still am so excited for all of us to step up and take this challenge on.  Weight issues suck. Being overweight sucks. Right now I have all of the tools, motivation and love surrounding me and I can't wait to take on the next two weeks. 

Tomorrow I will be going for my first run.. since maybe my sophomore year of high school. It will be challenging, I will start off slow, but I will feel so amazing after I do it. Baby steps...


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! 13.2 lbs gone forever!! I've recently started my weight loss journey too and I have picked up running. I am obsessed with it now. I'm hoping to do my first 5k in December! Once again, congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Awesome girl! I am now down 13 pounds from what I was before having my 2nd son. It all goes back to the kitchen! I started using My Fitness Pal. We don't drink any soda and we eat mainly chicken, turkey and lots of veggies. Hope you win!!!

  3. Congratulations on the weight you have already lost! That is so great (: Good luck and I hope you beat her and win!

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  5. wow that is incredible! great job!

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  6. Good for you! That is really so awesome.

    I'm a new follower from Pretty Little Inspiration's Hop today. I love your voice on this! Keep up the good work on both fronts!