Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

This past week Seattle saw rain for the first time in 82 days. Holy heck - to the people that are not from around here, that is simply a miracle! To us Washingtonians - rain is in our blood. Umbrellas? What are those?
J and I honored the first rainy weekend in months by staying in quite a bit watching movies and lounging around! We had some friends over for some pumpkin carving, pizza and some delicious seasonal pumpkin, carmel apple and spiced beers!
We had a special family dinner on Sunday night in honor of my father in law - who passed away two years ago in a hard battle with cancer.  It was a nice night filled with laughter, family and memories.

We sent messages to Heaven
And let another week begin.. Here is to me following through with some my small goals for the week and taking some time for ME! Sounds selfish, I know - but some events in my life have recently proven the need to show love, support and motivation for myseld. More to come on that later. Hugs!


  1. Some time for you is definitely NOT selfish- it's well deserved :) So I hope you get plenty of it!!

  2. What a sweet way to honor your FIL. It's never selfish to take me time! Esp with how hard you work!