Friday, October 26, 2012

Timberlake Friday

Today is Friday. Not just any Friday but the Friday that I have been waiting for all of my life all week.  Today my friends, is the day People Magazine comes out with the wedding albums of all wedding albums - the wedding album of Mr. and Mrs. Justin Timberlake.
I liked her pink dress. I guess she looked pretty. She looked stunning.
Now for some Dear Friday's - Halloween style:
Dear Costume Parties, I am really hoping our costumes work out and look as cute as I was imagining them to be. I feel like they are to thrown together and may look really silly but oh well 'tis Halloween and silly is okay. When did we grow up and silly costumes became the normal and skanky became.. well skanky??
Dear College Halloween Memories, Remember that one year when I was underage, drunk and a nurse for Halloween??? And the cops showed up and I thought they were just in really good costumes??? Yes, I was that girl.
Dear Halloween Candy, Why did I have to start a diet in October??? Candy everywhere.
Dear Pumpkins, We spent a lot of time carving you, I really hope no one smashes you. I hate when I see smashed pumpkins during this season. How rude some people are...
Dear Papa Murphy's, Our yearly tradition is approaching - pumpkin shaped pizza!!!! Please make sure our pumpkin pizza actually looks like a pumpkin this year. No half assing your job please, pumpkin shaped pizza is a big deal in the E household.
Dear KC, Sweet puppy - pleassssse just wear your Halloween costume just for a few pictures. You do look adorable as a pumpkin but get so bashful. Rock what you got puppy boy.
Dear Husband, I am hoping I can get out of watching a scary movie this year but I know you will continue to ask me what scary movie I want to watch for the next week. I know you love Halloween and the "scare" factor but I just love me some romantic love movies.
Happy Friday - I know a lot of people will be out celebrating this weekend, so be safe!




  1. I was more of a Lance Bass fan myself (still mourning), but I definitely think Jessica snagged herself a good one. Took her long enough!!

  2. isn't it sad that i hate how beautiful she is...still so jealous hahaha

  3. Gah I hate to see smashed pumpkins too! Good luck getting out of that scary movie...I can't handle them lol.

  4. I really like the pink wedding dress, though I don't think I would ever wear one!
    Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

  5. haha your college Halloween story is pretty funny! Although I imagine it wasn't so much at the time. Hope you've had a great weekend :)
    *Checking in from the link up

  6. Oh man I love your cop story! Whoops (: Great letters!

  7. I really like your blog and am your newest follower. I was hoping that you would stop by my blog and follow me back!


    PS... I LOVE Timberlake Friday!