Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eat Less Sugar

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

Make sure you spread the love today. Today is not a day about having a boyfriend, fiance or husband - it is about taking the time to spread love to family, friends, children, strangers, co-workers! Yes, I agree Valentine's Day is very commercial and a Hallmark money making scheme, however, what a great day to recognize and acknowledge love.

Today I will be loving myself.  The sugar, cookies and crap does not need to be binged upon just because it is Valentine's Day. I graciously accepted some Valentine's cookies from a friend this morning and you know what I have looked at that cookie sitting next to me for the last two hours and it really is not worth eating... bye, bye cookie you are going in the trash. 

My self worth and health are important to me and today is about loving me and I need to treat my body the way I would treat a loved one.. with love, respect and happiness. 
 Tonight I will be going on a Valentine's Day run with my Mom.  Running sucks. I do not even know if I can count my "run" as an actual run. At this point I am just running the round edges of the track and then walking the straightaways because my endurance level cannot handle anything longer. It makes me want to cry. It is hard, oh so hard, but I am doing it for me. I am trying to get in three days a week of my "running" in hopes I can add some more distance in every week. I guess everyone has to start somewhere I just need to hold myself accountable and motivated. I am doing the 5k Color Run in May - that in itself is motivation.

Work and life get so busy. I have been exhausted lately and have not taken the proper amount of time to work on me. However, the steps I am taking for the week to come are encouraging and make me want to give 100%.

Here is my strategy and goals for the next week:

Saturday: "Run"
Sunday: Boot camp and 30 minutes of cardio - probably a walk outside
Monday: "Run" and workout at the gym (I have the day off, can get a good work out in)
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: "Run"
Friday: 30 minutes cardio before work at home on the treadmill

Honestly, I feel that this schedule is practical for me. I will not let my job, family, friends, social life or anything get in the way of this because I need it for me. The food part is pretty easy for me, if I make a food plan for the week and track it with myfitnesspal I will feel good and in control. I just need the work out so badly because without it I do not feel energetic, happy and it does not give me any progress. Sure, cutting out some food and portion control helps lose weight - but with my body I need the work out to compensate for the rest and that is when I will shed the weight.

How do you handle stress and making a workout schedule work for you?

And just because it is Valentine's Day and I felt the need to share this  picture with you:

5th grade.
Dalmation/heart covered Valentine's vest.
What the hell ws I thinking.


  1. Hope your day was awesome!
    Little bummed had melanoma removed from my leg near my knee had to cancel my 1st Spinning Class won't be able to go untill 2 weeks no long walks either :-( On the bright side gonna work with weights so my arms will bw SMOKING HOT IN SLEEVELESS TOPS, this summer gotta remember 35 SPF NO MATTER THE WEATHER!

  2. Avoiding sugar is so difficult for me..but I try and work on it as much as possible. Especially since I have little ones! Now following you.

  3. I also have to move it to lose it. I could eat salads every single meal of every day and maybe lose 5 pounds. You got this girl. I get a lot of walking in around campus, but I try to make sure that I get another 30 minutes of cardio in a day. Way to take yesterday for your health!

  4. eliminating sugar out of my diet was SO HARD!! but once you do...and you get use to not having is the GREATEST feeling ever! It kinda sucks because when you eat products with sugar in it it becomes "too sweet" for you! LoL

    Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop!
    New follower via email (so i will get a notification when you add a post!)