Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight In Wednesday

Happy Weight Loss Wednesday!

We are halfway through the week AND we get to focus on our healthy selves today!

What a great way to celebrate the middle of the work week!
Doesn't it feel good when your work out habits become enjoyable rather then forced. I am finally feeling good about exercise again. I am hurting less and I am craving more activity. I am no where near where I need to be but I am slowly gaining more and more energy which gives me the motivation and determination to continually do good and want to exercise.

My healthy food find of the week is:

Skotidakis dill & cucumber dip. Dips and appetizers make us fat, we all know that. However, this dip is greek yogurt based and is full of flavor! It is only 50 calories for 2 tablespoons. My afternoon snack this week has been carrots and dip! It is filling and satisfying!

I hope everyone has a clean week of eating and continues to makes the progress they are hoping for and deserve! Summer is right around the corner (seriously?!?!) and I have SO many fun things in my closet I bought last summer that I was hoping would fit me and never did. I want this summer to be one of smiles, fashion and confidence.

I deserve it.
You deserve it.

Also, if you are on myfitnesspal let me know and I will add you!



  1. We just started working out again, and I have found that if I go a couple days without exercising that I am a huge ball of stress/anxiety!

    Can't wait to get bck to the Y tonight.

    I have that same dip at home, but mine is the jalepeno salsa one. It is so good!

  2. It sounds good.. but does it taste like greek yogurt?

  3. I'm working on getting a weight loss regime going. :/

  4. Stoping by from the link up. That dip looks amazing. Where can you get it!?

  5. I LOVE a healthy dips and appetizers! Its good to know there are healthy options out there so I don't feel deprived!

  6. I love your positive attitude and I love dips! Thanks for sharing. Also I am on myfitnesspal: Missamazing14

  7. Love Myfitnesspal!!! My user id is mrogus

  8. I am just getting started on myfitnesspal .. username is apainter83

  9. Hey, new follower from the GYB Blog Hop. That dip looks awesome. I totally want to try it. :)