Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday!

Tuesday, already! How can that be?

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~Four Things You Don't Know About Me~

As a teenager I had a "Britney Book".. I collected pictures of Ms. Spears and had different sections in my book by genre of picture. As you can see below some categories I had in my book were:

Young Britney
Britney wearing hats
Britney Valentines

There were multiple volumes of this Britney Book - when I would get in trouble when I was a teenager and got something "taken away" it was usually my Britney Book scrapbook materials. Embarrassing. 

Although, who am I to talk about being a changed woman - my bachelorette party was Britney Spears themed!! Yes, the bartender's arm says "I'm a Slave for Kathleen"

I do not like doing things outside of my comfort zone. I am a girl that loves routine in all aspects of life.  At the gym, I stick to all of my normal exercises - at restaurants, I always order the same things - at work, I perfect certain skill sets.

When I was little I loved performing. I did a music/dance camp every summer and thought I was a star. As I got older I thought it was cool to showcase my dancing skills at family gatherings or end of the season sports parties as seen below. I was am the uncoordinated "Baby Spice" in the background that clearly has NO rhythm.

I love the water. Growing up I was a swimmer, lifeguard, swim instructor and coach. I miss it all a lot. It was something I was good at and something that was very rewarding. Plus, the amazing tan in the summer was a bonus :)

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  1. The Brittany book is cracking me up!! That is too funny! I miss the old Brittany.. Her songs were some of my favorites!

  2. I had a Eminem book like that, still do. Thank god my mom never thought to take it away as punishment, I would of died! -found you via the link up, luving you blog!

  3. that britney book is pretty awesome,at least it wasn't a book about something weird or scary lol


  4. What a great link up! Who wasn't obssessed with Britney?! Love her still! The fact that your bachelorette party is just awesome!

  5. Awesome Brittany obsession! Look at all your pics of Britney all innocent.

  6. Haha I am loving the Britney book! i was OB-sessed with LeeAnn Rimes!

  7. haha Britany book! Looks like your bach party was awesome! and I never got the swimming tan! I got the swimmers burn! grr!

  8. Kathleen I found your 2+12-13 Blog via Mama Laughlin, I'm hooked! I was at work read from the beginning! You ROCK ! Love your honesty. On my own well over due weight loss journey Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Hahaha love the Britney book! All I am hearing is "Britney bitch" in my head. I love that song (and so does E man, he fist pumps everyday on the way to work) I'm also a super in my comfort zone person. Cody laughs at me bc I always order the same thing.