Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Justin and Jessica, Could it be true? Is there a potential possibility of a wedding happening this weekend? I never got my invite...  it must have gotten lost in the mail again (that seems to happen to me with all the celebrity weddings).. However, I cannot wait to stalk the crap out of your wedding pictures and see how delicious Justin looked. 
Remember the happy times Justin baby? Yeah, me too.
Dear Tom Hanks, Your "F" bomb slip up this morning on GMA made me giggle this morning. 

Dear Lisa Vanderpump, I cannot believe you allowed Honey Boo Boo in to your upscale Beverly Hills restaurant. I am appalled (and slightly entertained by this).. I hope the "sketti" was delish!

Dear Emily and Jef, I am sorry to hear about your break up - however I knew it would not last. Emily you should have picked Shawn.  Your just jealous there will be 25 girls competing for his love.
Dear Khloe and Lamar, Yesterday on Facebook you said you had announcement (yes I follow you Khloe).. I was hoping it was a pregnancy announcement but was bummed to find out it was just your new fragrance - but honestly how cute "Khloe, you are my joy"..  I do love you two together so keep at it!
And last but not least, Dear Friday, I love you. My weeks continue to feel long, busy and never have enough time. Give me the peace this weekend to lay low, lounge and enjoy the rainy fall weather.
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  1. Haha thank you for updating me on the celeb gossip I am so far behind on...sad to hear about Emily and Jef. We all knew it was coming unfortunately :( I heard about Justin and Jessica's invite got lost in the mail too. Totally cracking up about the fbomb drop! Oh Mr. Hanks haha that pic cracks me up.

  2. Emily went for money instead of love. Jef is loaded and she wanted a piece of the pie. I can't wait to watch Shawn as the bach! Did you see that Courtney and Arie are dating? Scandalous!

  3. For starters, that honey boo boo picture is hilarious! Secondly, I did NOT like Emily when she was on the Bachelor and I wasn't a huge fan of her on the Bachelorette either (but of course I still watched religiously!) But, I TOTALLY agree that she should have picked Shawn! Her loss now!!

  4. I saw a few articles that Justin and Jessica got married! It's odd, my invite got lost in the mail too. I hate when that happens. Love the faces on the f-bomb picture of Tom Hanks! That's funny! Bummer about Emily and Jef with one f, I was totally voting for Shawn to win. I am excited to watch him as the Bachelor!!

  5. What a fun way to blog about all of the silly stuff we watch on tv or see on the news! :) Danica

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower from Monday Meet Up! Love this post...and I love Khloe and Lamar. As Wendy Williams would say, I love their love!