Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrating Life

I find so much joy in finding ways to celebrate the little things in life.  Celebrations big and small often frequent my day to day life and I love to cherish each moment and treat it as something special.  I love raising my glass and saying cheers - have you ever noticed that anytime someone says a toast and its about time to "clink" your glasses together that people are smiling.  The anticipation and excitement of the end of a toast is classic.. who are you going to clink first.. the laughter of a drink that spills.. seeing a little kids face light up when they get to participate.. the person that drinks before they have clinked everyone at the table.. the list is endless!! Here are some of the celebrations 2012 has brought for me in my life:

{Disclaimer: Every celebration included alcohol - oops!! I promise we really do not drink that much}

Celebrating Quiet Beach Weekends: March of this year brought J and I to the Washington Peninsula where we stayed at a relaxing, quiet and secluded hotel right on the beach.  We were excited for a weekend of hiking, beach walks and bon fires but the rain never let up so spent our whole weekend inside.  Our hotel had no TV and no cell reception which ended up being a blessing.  We played games, we talked about our future together, we cooked together and we spent so much time laughing.

Celebrating John's 28th Birthday: My sweet husband turned 28 this March and we celebrated with a group of our close friends at a local brewery and went on their fabulous beer tour.  For one dollar you get the adorable tasting cup and they fill that bad boy up generously 5 times! Needless to say we have been on this tour many times in the past!

Celebrating Local Charities: In April a good friend of ours was in charge of a local fundraiser that was raising money for adults with disabilities by hosting a "Beer Fest".  We knew this immediately something we wanted to be apart of. There were 70 different beers to sample and all of the money went straight to this organization. The night was SO much fun - people dancing, drinking, laughing and treating everyone as equals.

Celebrating Family: In May my brother came home from college for the weekend and we of course had to enjoy a family BBQ.  Along with the BBQ came a special celebration - my parents sweet black lab KC turned one! Of course the little big pup was spoiled with treats, birthday hats and toys! I even baked him a doggy cupcake topped with special frosting and shredded carrots. {I finally got to use my fancy new drinker. My vodka cranberry with a splash of lime was delish in this cute pink glass}

Celebrating Love: My best friend and Maid of Honor is ENGAGED! I was so excited to celebrate my amazing friend Jen and her new -husband to be- at dinner last weekend! So much joy, happiness and excitement surrounded our table and I cannot wait to start wedding planning with my bestie!

So cheers to love, to health, to life! I hope you all can find reasons in life to raise your glasses and celebrate with your loved ones!!

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