Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Rain, Why on earth did you have to come back? I was loving the fabulous two days of sun we were having.

Dear 1st Anniversary, We had a nice picnic planned.. but we looked at the weekend forecast and it is predicting 61 and rain. No thanks! Time to think up something new!

Dear John, Thank you for being the most amazing, loving and caring person I know. I love being your wife and most of all your best friend.

Dear Gym, Please be nice to me tomorrow when I come in for personal training. My body is still sore from yesterday’s session.

Dear KC and Bentley, You both are good dogs – but have only spent one weekend together. Let’s make weekend #2 together a good one!

Dear Brother, Good luck on your police academy test! I am excited for your future and love watching things fall in to place for you.

Dear Saturday and Sunday Morning, I am so excited that I get to sleep in both mornings! Finally a weekend of no early morning wake ups!

Dear Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I get to see you soon! Is it pathetic that I am turning in to a five year old at the thought of going to Disney this summer?!!



  1. Sorry the rain ruined your picnic :( But I can't wait to hear about your Disney trip! When are you going?? Are you going to Florida or Cali?

  2. aww sorry about the rain but you and your hubby are ADORABLE :) im getting married in 2 weeks and so excited! super cute blog by the way girl and great list! have a great friday! xo

  3. Love your letters miss! Found your blog from Ashelys page and wanted to say hello!

    Happy to be your newest bloggy friend & follower :)!

    Say hi back sometime?

  4. OMG somethin' bout a truck is my husband and my new FAVORITE song. we danced to it at least four times this weekend. ha found you via the link up and am excited to follow along xo