Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

While a majority of the country is experiencing a heat wave, good 'ol Washington State finally is enjoying its first day of sunshine in FOREVER. The June-uary weather we have been having this month has been miserable and I am so happy to celebrate a sunny day!!!!! On my drive in to work this morning people were out running the lake, walking with friends, sunglasses on and people looked happy! What a great way to kick of summer!

I love walking through my neighborhood and seeing flowers in full bloom - especially the peonies. I love peonies so much and was delighted when our neighbors brought us over a beautiful bouquet of them (I had secretly been plotting a time to go over and cut some myself)!! Then, to my surprise I arrived to work and a co-worker brought me a bouquet from her yard! It feels good being surrounded by beautiful colors, happy people and sunny days!


  1. Oh those are beautiful flowers! Great love right there!

  2. Love the peonies! I'm actually flying to Oregon and Washington tomorrow and I can't wait to experience your cool weather! Here in Florida it's SO hot and humid :(

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  3. Peonies are most definitely my new fave flower...they are so pretty! I can thank Pinterest for my new found love in them. Stopping by from WILW!