Monday, June 11, 2012

Motivational Monday

I am on the path to becoming a better me.

Last night I participated in my first ever boot camp at the gym and was nervous. I felt out of my comfort zone and even made my husband come with me for that extra "hand to hold". I felt like a shy little kid on the first day of school as I entered the gym last night, not wanting to leave John's side and scoping out the room as I envisioned the next hour of  my life sweating, jumping and cursing at what I imagined I would have to do.

Little did I know, the experience would be such a positive one.  The sound that echoed in the room was laughter, cheering, motivation and while I did sweat, did jump and did curse to myself several times the feeling that I felt was inspiring.  All of the people that were in this class were there to better themselves, to motivate the person next to them and to laugh - we laughed at ourselves, laughed at the goofy stretches we did, and at that moment I felt blessed to be apart of something so good.



  1. Sounds awesome! I would not have expected that either (I would have been scared to walk in too!). Glad you had such a positive experience! Maybe I need to rethink the gym... hahaha :)

  2. So glad you found a good workout environment! I have done cardio kick boxing with some of my best friends for years now! It's motivating to see these people and to get in a workout! Keep it up!