Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reality Lovin'

My morning chat on the phone with my bestie while driving to work this morning went something like this:

Me: Oh my goodness - I am so excited Tamra and Eddie are finally engaged.
Jen: Me too there was so much anticipation I felt like I was getting proposed to.

Jen: Theresa is seriously physco.
Me: I know right - I cried during Carolines brothers wedding. When you get married you should have butterflies come out of a box.
Jen: I liked the butterflies!

Me: Tonight is Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding!
Jen: Yesss!!!! I can't wait to see the wedding.


I remember when I was little and my Mom was tired of me reading mindless, romantic, trash novels and she asked me why I don't read something I can learn from, something that will help me exceed in school... I guess that question can easily be turned in to my television preferences these days. I cannot get enough of reality TV.  Bravo,  E! and MTV, you have seriously caused my DVR to be completely filled with your scandalous shows.

It all started out with The Real Housewives of Orange County years ago and it was such a treat when Bravo kept adding more housewives seasons. My favorites are definitely OC, New Jersey and Beverly Hills.. but I will admit I follow them all (and am SO happy they finally changed up the cast of New York)! I was more the happy when Bethenny Frankel got her own show (and delicious drink line) and I will glady own up to being a Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding fan.

And then there were the Kardashians.  Those girls have me hooked. I have no idea why but their brand has trapped me and I will forever love their show. Their one liners, dirty jokes and family dynamic cracks me up! Bible.

Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Newlyweds (Jessica and Nick, loveeee!), Guliana and Bill, Real World, Tough Love, The Bachelor/Bachelorette... I love, love, love you all. Some may revert back to my Mom's million dollar question of TV/reading preference but I sure do like my reality junk!

I will save my obsession love for Britney Spears and The Royal Family for a whole other post :)


  1. Haha you are just like me! I'm hooked as well! Even if I don't keep up with the series, if I am flipping through channels and see it on, well I've just gotta be sucked in. I think Kardashians are the worst though, I could sit there for hours, haha!

    1. Glad there are other people out there like me :) Have a good weekend!

  2. Girl, you and I were meant to be blog friends. I feel like I could have written this post myself. I was freaking OBSESSED with Newlyweds (and all the other shows you mentioned! Well, except for Bachelor/Bachelorette... clearly not trashy enough for me haha). I am STILL upset that they got divorced. I may or may not have cried about that.

    1. I will admit I still watch my Newlywed seasons on DVD! I loved them together!
      I have read some your posts think to myself "wow this girl and I are so much alike".. glad I found you on here! Have a good weekend :)

    2. Ahh I still watch them too!!!! Which reminds, me, I haven't done that in awhile!

      Hahaha that's too funny - alike indeed! :)