Tuesday, September 11, 2012

6 Places

I was so bad last week and missed out on the link up! I am back this week linking up with my girls Tiffany and Lauren for the challenge and this week was a fun one for me! While trying to figure out what "theme" of places I wanted to go with I started reminiscing on all of the happy vacations I have taken which was so much fun for me. With that said, here are some fun places I have been to!

10 Day YOU Challenge
1. I love Hawaii. The beaches, the scenery, the fruit - I love it all. I have been to Hawaii twice; once during my senior year in highschool and the second time was in 2007 when I visted my best friend from college who just happend to live in Hawaii :) rough place to live right? I cannot wait to go back someday with my husband - we have never been together.

2. Viva Las Vegas. My first Vegas vacation was when I was in 5th grade - what what - my parents took their little ones there for a long weekend vacation. I have to say as a child it was pretty amazing. Pools everywhere, junk food, cool hotels, arcades, magic shows.. it was a blast! My trip to Vegas as an adult was a lot more memorable a lot lesss memorable filled with dancing, drinking, shows, drinking, walking the strip, drinking, gambling, drinking!

3. Cannon Beach. I have been to this beautiful part of the Oregon Coast more times then I can even count. Every summer as a kid my parents took us there. When I met John we went to Cannon Beach and I told him this was a place that I held close to my heart. When we went back the following summer he proposed.

4. Tijuana, Mexico. I have traveled to Tijuana 6 times to build houses in the communities down there. What a life changing experience it is - I owe a lot of who I am today to my experiences in Tijuana.

5. Cruising. I love going on cruises. The picture below is on an excursion in Cabo with my family.

6. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. My honeymoon destination. There are no words to desribe how much I love this place. I can't wait to go back.


  1. Those are all awesome places! I would love to go to Vegas one day.. I guess every year my work has a convention and goes there - hopefully I can go next year!
    Cannon Beach isn't too far away from where I live!
    Super cute pictures :D

  2. hawaii would be amazing!! so pretty :)

    great list!

    cute blog header,btw!! love the Fall-ness of it :)

  3. Man you have traveled to some really amazing places! I had never heard of Cannon beach, but it looks awesome! The only one I have been to on your list is Hawaii. I loved it!

  4. Thanks for following me! I'm glad I stopped by your blog! What's your fave place to stay in Vegas?! I've been dying to visit there! And we honeymooned in Mexico too :)

  5. You've been to some awesome places friend! So jealous--esp of your honeymoon! Glad to have ya back :)

  6. Aw Vegas for sure!! Such a good list! LOVING the title of your blog!

    So glad I stopped by! Have a great week!