Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am a day late and only have time to post about one book! So sorry friends, but this week has been crazy! But I really wanted to link up so i am hoping Tiffany and Lauren are fine with bending the rules for me posting only one book!
Kelle Hampton who is is the star behind the blog Enjoying the Small Things is simply amazing. I read this blog everyday and am always so moved by her words. If you do not follower her blog please do. Her story, values, photography and family keep me coming back for more.
She wrote a book about her daughter Nella Cordelia - who was born with down syndrome. This book is raw, emotional and so inspirational.


  1. Aww love Kelli's blog. The first time I read Nella's birth story, I cried my eyes out. Kelli is such a beautiful writer. I definitely need to read her book.

  2. Kelli has such a wonderful blog, and I can only imagine how wonderful her book is!