Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Okay...

It's Okay... That my evenings consist of watching waaaaay to much Netflix. My girl show I watch is Pretty Little Liars (obsessed) and my show that I watch with the husband is How I Met Your Mother!
It's Okay... That I spent close to $40.00 on nail polish at Target yesterday. Tiffany posted about the band of polish Essie - and now I am obsessed. I am not one to sit down and do my nails myself (no patience) but my goodness these colors are fabulous!
It's Okay... That the only reason I am watching the X-Factor is because Britney Spears is on it.
It's Okay... That my stomach hurts from laughing with my girls last night. Best girls night I have had in a while.
It's Okay... That my birthday is still not for a couple of weeks but all I can manage to do is talk about planning something fun.
It's Okay... That I have my Halloween costume completely purchased and planned out.
Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Good for you on getting your Halloween costume ready!! I've been thinking of a few things, but I haven't gotten past the thinking stage:)

  2. I love the name of your blog! Haha! ...I was thinking about watching the X Factor too, and it was totally because of Ms. Spears!!

  3. Hahaha! I am a new found nail polish lover too! I can't get enough of it all of a sudden, and I have never cared about it before.
    Also - I LOOOVE PLL. All this waiting is driving me nuts!
    I found your blog through the link-ups today :) I'm a fellow Washingtonian....I love finding others from this state!

  4. Ahhh love all your It's Oks! Esp--PLL and HIMYM! Both of those shows are amazing. Where are you at with PLL?? When is your birthday?? Mine is coming up too!

    1. I am at the end of season one of PLL! I wish I had a few more hours of alone time a week so I could watch it on the TV with Netflix :)

  5. Oh I am SO watching X-Factor for Brit! Freaking loving her on it already!