Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

I was hoping that when I linked up today with Raven and Kristen I would have some more exciting week #1 results, but I don't.. so I do not think I fit the inspirational mold of this link up this week.. but you ladies are a good source of motivation and I thank all of you that have started following my blog. I may be new to the blog world but am slowly getting the hang of it and appreciate all of your love!

Dont Quote The Raven

With that said...

This week was not a good one in the "healthy Kathleen" department. I started off with two great days - good attitude, plan set and eye on the prize - but ladies, this girl over here was weak.
Totally weak.
Wednesday was fabulous (minus the fact that I was a sugarless grump and was in a baaad mood).
Thursday I felt invincible.
Friday morning I felt skinnier already.
But then..............................
I went to Pullman.
You see my little  taller, 22 year old, senior in college, not so little brother goes to college at Washington State University (go Cougs!) and I had somehow convinced myself that I could do well Friday, spare to have a bad mess up day on Saturday and then Sunday be good again. Apparently, I did not convince myself good enough because I failed. Failed big time. Friday night's drinks turned in to Friday night greasy food (tastes so much better drunk right?) which turned in to SaturDAY and night drinks which in turn gave me a fabulous Sunday hangover which resulted in more greasy food to cure the hangover. Makes total sense right?
So we got home Sunday. I felt miserable.
I continued to do bad all week. I did not work out because I was tired and honestly my body was still healing from my weekend in Pullman. Then just as I said I was going to have a "good" day I got invited to a wine and appetizer night at a friends. We drank toooooo much vino.

Like I said. I am weak.

A new day, a new attitude - that is what today will bring. I can do this. I will do this. I have a long way to go, but will get there. 


  1. I am weak too girl.... I'm definitely in a rut when it comes to getting healthier. I'll do like you did, GREAT for a couple days, but then I let one small mess up turn into an entire weekend of eating poorly. Hang in there! It's gonna suck (I turn into a grump w/o sugar/sweets to!) but we CAN stick with it :)

  2. I have a love hate relationship with days from Thursday-Sunday because I eat and drink too much! It's such a weakness. Everyday is a new day though no matter what, so we can all just get right back on track. Cheers to next week or even tomorrow being amazing! :)

  3. You can do it. The good thing is that every weekENDING brings a new week's beginnings. :)
    Megan @

  4. It's okay to be weak.. we all have our moments.and you recognizing the fact that it wasn't a good moment is the first got this.. I know you do! I will be looking for next weeks great update!