Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

I did it! I went to WW on Sunday and got this girl all signed up and ready to go - operation get skinny begins now (yesterday).. Starting over the holiday weekend was not going to happen (lot's of margaritas to drink) and I needed some time to get my food prepped for my success! So here I am, September 6th - almost one month exactly until my 25th birthday and my first goal of 20 pounds is set and ready to be accomplished!
My list to making it work:
Journal  - I am not the "dear diary" type, but I have found that writing my foods helps me out so much! At WW they give you a little piece of paper to track your food/points or you can spend a few extra bucks and buy their Ultimate Food Tracker book - but for me the standard WW journal was not a motivating factor so I made my own. I bought a cute journal, took key elements out from the WW journal and wrote them down in mine. I also wrote out the days until my birthday to track my daily weight, food eaten and points used.
Snacks - Convenience is key. At work I tend to snack, damn candy bowl. I do not want to deprive myself from the things I enjoy but also do not want to trigger bad eating habits.  Two delish snacks I have been loving are Cliff Bar's and Planter's NUT-rition Energy Mix. While high in points - these satisfy my hunger, satisfy my cravings and are filling enough for me to supplement as meals if I either miss breakfast or lunch due to my busy work schedule.

Clothes - I love Fall. I love my Fall wardrobe. Cute boots do not look cute on chubby calves.  That is motivation itself right??? Plus, as the weather cools down the layers of clothes start piling on which adds pounds on to the bod without even asking for it.
Those are some of my motivating facotors to making it work this time around.  I have yo-yo dieted my whole life. I am realy good at loosing weight when I put my mind to it BUT I am also very good at gaining weight.  This time around I need to loose it and keep it off. I want to start a family in the next year or two so preparing my body for pregnancy is a huge want of mine plus I am a newlywed and I want to keep it hot for my husband.
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  1. That is so great you signed up for WW! You sound like you definitely have yourself prepared to lose that 20lbs :D You are going to do fantastic!

  2. Good for you friend! You are going to do great :)

  3. OOOH go you! I LOVE WW! I'm dying to do it again, but the first time I did it, my health insurance paid, and now it won't, and we're saving for a bajillion other things right now, so booo :(

    And on the topic of nuts (tee hee), have you tried Blue Diamond's wasabi & soy almonds?! OMG, BEST THING OF MY LIFE! I actually ate an entire 1 pound bag in about a day a few weeks ago (shameful, I know). So good.

    1. HEAAATHER - I have missed you my long lost blog friend!!! Thanks for the nut tip (I laugh everytime I write about nuts too) I will have to try them out!!

  4. Good luck! I love what you are doing with the list!

    I also just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”