Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Back in 2006 I applied for a Express credit card. It was my first credit card to a department store and I every time I bought something I would pay it off right away. I loved Express. Express loved me too - so much that my limit was increased monthly because I was buying SO much and paying it off so fast. Fast forward some time later and Express and I went through some relationship issues. I had been spending more then I should have and stopped making my large payments.. in turn having some large bills to pay. I stopped shopping there altogether, threw away all of the amazing coupons and rewards that I got in the mail and with time got that card paid off 100%.  

Today I went on their website. 

They had cute tank tops...

Cozy sweaters...

And really awesome dresses... that were on sale. 

I bought four. I did NOT use my Express card, paid with debit. Two of them I can wear this winter at holiday parties and fall/winter bachelorette parties. The other two were so on sale from summer that I can wear them next spring/summer for  bachelorette/rehearsals/showers and weddings I am going to.

Justifiable excuse right??? 

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  1. I love all four of them! And I think that's a justifiable excuse..it's what I would have said! :P There's just something about Express dresses that always gets me. I love 'em!

  2. OMG! Love them all! I used to be an Express only shopper. But then I went on an anti-shopping-unless-I-have-to phase (weird huh?!). Looks like I need to check them out again.

  3. I especially love the 3rd one! Good for you for getting your credit in check!

  4. I looove the first dress. The colour, the style, the details. Gorgeous. I used to walk past a huge mall on my way to and from University, so I definitely understand putting the credit card away.