Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Blues

I totally have the post wedding season blues. Get this ladies - I had no weddings to go to this summer. ZERO! Last summer I had 8. This summer NONE. You do not understand how much this breaks me heart. Everything about a wedding makes me happy - the romance, the commitment, the love, the dancing, the booze - everything is just so happy. Plus, having an excuse to get dressed up is always fun!
My 2013 summer wedding schedule is already starting to fill up - I have 4 so far! You better believe I have already started buying dresses for showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and the actual weddings. End of summer clearance.. yes please!!
Here are a few of the fun weddings I attended last summer and you better believe I am including my own!


  1. Cute outfits girl! I hear you on the weddings thing, it seems like they come and go in waves. We had a TON in 2009, then none for 2010, then ours and like 5 others in 2011, and so far only 1 this year! LOL, we did get invited to a winter wedding this December so I'm looking forward to that ;)

    1. Thanks girl - A December wedding will be fun for you!!!

  2. We haven't been to any either. Sigh. There was one we were invited to but being 6,000 miles away and $2,000 plane tickets, each, made that difficult. Ahhh. I just want a wedding!

  3. That picture of you two on your wedding day is stunning! We haven't been to any weddings this year either. We renewed our vows but didn't attend any others.