Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Celebrities

Dear Dream Vacation - Please ask yourself this... how amazing would it be to vacation with Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris. UM ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I love this!
Dear Media, Your Olympic coverage is fabulous but really media, taking the time to make this collage of pictures of William, Kate and Harry.. is it really necessary to see who makes the funniest faces of the Royals?????

Dear People Who Think Cheating Is Okay, EFF YOU............

Dear Ryan Lochte, Will you marry me??? Oh please, oh please?!

Dear JT, Even though Ryan Lochte is currently my hottie of the week.. you will forever and ever and ever be my one true celeb love. I adore you. I was happy to hear you and Jess have not planned much for your wedding.. although I am happy you ended up with Mary Camden though (gosh I loved 7th Heaven)



  1. Love me some Lochte. He is a total hottie! :)

  2. Visiting from the link up! Oooohhh JT is my main man! I love love love him! Have a great weekend!

  3. Visiting from the link up as well :) Love the idea of a "Dear Celebrities" edition!

    Haha, Ryan Lochte is a dream to look at! And JT for that matter!!

  4. Bah! I was so mad at KStew! What a hus!

  5. I'm sorry but Ryan is taken over here! haha

    have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!

  6. ha ha! great letters this week! totally on board with every one of them!

    and it's amazing how Kate is making "funny" faces, but still looks gorgeous!

    <3 Amy

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