Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi, Kathleen here!

I am linking up with Mrs. Monolouges today for my first time!! Loving this one - post once a month with some random facts and information about yourself! So here it goes, a little bit about me these days!

Mrs. Monologues
1. I love living in Washington. Yes, I may complain  a lot a little about living here (the rain would annoy you too).. but in the summer there is nothing better and more beautiful. The drastic changes between Western and Eastern Washington make me love this state even more. My husband and I traveled East this weekend and camped at The Gorge.  We were there for the Wastershed County Music Festival and it was AMAZING.  Three solid days of country music, camping, beers and sun!!

2. I love wine tasting! When I was in San Fran last weekend I visited an amazing winery and loved every single one of their wines. Hannah Nicole Vineyards, check 'em out!

3. Since it is wedding season right now and every post I see every weekend is of people at weddings, having their weddings and getting engaged.. it makes me miss last summer.
4. My husband is amazing. I smile just thinking of him.

5. While I may be a summer girl forever and for always, I do love Fall and can't wait to do all the things that make it a happy season for me!


  1. I love Washington, it took me a while to love it though. And, I honestly don't think I fully appreciated it until I moved away. I love all your pictures you and your husband are adorable!

  2. I love wine tasting too!! We got a lot. One of the perks of living in Northern California for sure. So glad you linked up, your blog is fabulous! Can't wait to read more!
    Mrs. Monologues

  3. Ya'll are so cute! And yes, there ARE a lot of wedding posts going on right now.
    Fall is definitely a lovely season.
    Just found your blog, nice to meet you :)
    -Alexandra Anne

  4. I am dying to visit Washington! Even though I don't think I could handle the rain after living in AZ, but it looks so beautiful! And you're right...summer makes me think of wedding season, which then makes me think of my wedding and I really wish I could just relive it again :)

  5. 3 days of country oh yes that would be perfect! Jealous:) Such great pictures!

  6. Cute blog! Stopping by from the Blog Star link up! Love your pictures! I love fall, this summer has had some crazy weather this year, storms like once a week, but it's also 100 degrees today, I'm ready for some cooler weather!


  7. We love country music in our house! And I love that pumpkin picture! Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!