Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Ok

It's Ok........

Blogging is sure an interesting concept to me. I have loved my first few months blogging and have cherished the friendships I have made along the way and feel that they are real - but have you ever noticed how some people can be who they want to be through their blog and no one will know the truth if they are lying, fibbing, pushing the truth just a bit.... not that I am taking ownership of lying on my blog BUT I know their are days where I defiantly make my life sound out to me a little more exciting then it really is. Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Stress is hard. My life is not THAT perfect - yet at the end of the day it is my life and I love the journey I am on.  

With that said I will be honest and not sugar coat my current living situation.  John and I are living with my parents AND IT'S OK! 

To make a long story short, when John and I got engaged we learned several weeks later that his Dad's cancer had come back.  It was a long and hard battle and in the end he did not make it (it was the hardest thing to go through.  We both took several weeks off work unpaid.  That January John was sick with the typical winter fly bug and one night had chest pain. I ignored it and told him to just sleep it off, I assumed he was being a whiny guy and just wanted a good night of sleep.  He woke me up around 1:00 a.m. saying we needed to go to the hospital because the pain had gotten worse - and little did we know he had had a heart attack. Normally the flu symptoms are fevers, colds, nausea... apparently the flu can attack the heart as well. Luckily, my J boy was alright (and there was absolutely no permanent heart damage) but he lost is job. 

So there we were six months out from our wedding that we were paying a majority of and my money maker was jobless. We racked up some debt paying the hospital bills and everything wedding. 

After our wedding, John found a great job which was an absolute blessing  - but the hanging debt was stressful and we felt we were getting absolutely nowhere paying rent at an apartment.  My parents suggested we move in with them when our lease was up and save up for a house and get all of our debt paid off. 

So here we are, 11 months in and paying so much off. It has lifted so much weight off our shoulders and is helping us prepare for our future in so many ways.  Our plan was to only stay here for one year but we are extending our stay here one more year because honestly, saving so much money has felt so good and we figure since we are settled here for now, we have the space and privacy and are planning on waiting a year or so more until we begin to start a family - why not stay here a little longer and save up an emergency fund and have an actual savings before all of our money goes to kids and mortgages!!!

My parents are so wonderful and really having two extra years more of living with them has been so good on me.  Loosing John's Dad was a huge wake up call for me on how short life is and I truly cherish every moment extra I get with my parents.  Also, it has been so sweet watching my husband become even closer with them.

My "It's Ok Thursday" post was a little long but I felt like I needed to throw it out there on what life is like at the moment for me. It's also okay.. that all I do is look on Pinterest for decorating and organizing tips for that future home of mine!!!!

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  1. You are so smart in saving that money. It is ok! Great post!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a little more of you with your bloggy friends :) It's very easy for us to only highlight the good and leave out the bad. But it's why not talk about it? So sorry to hear about John's dad--and John! Having a heart attack so young is crazy and I can't imagine how scary that was for you guys. Glad he didn't get any permanent damage from it. Thank goodness for your supportive parents--that must be such a great feeling to be saving so much money. It will only better your future littles :)

  3. What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! Life in blog land can often seem so rosey but there is a realistic side to it all! Thanks so much for hearing some of your life struggles! It sounds as though you and your hubby are pulling through just fine!